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Korea has a rich and unique culture. Before it was divided in 1945, Korea and southern Manchuria had a shared historical and cultural heritage. Manchuria is the ancient historical and ... geographical region of Northeast Asia, including Russia and China. Even today, Korea is known as one of the most continuous cultures in the world. The people in this country pass down traditional narratives for centuries. There are many things Koreans are known for starting with their historical buildings to the way they dress, celebrate, and the food they eat. Knowing how rich the Korean culture is, it’s no wonder that you got it assigned for your assignment. There are endless choices for Korean culture essay topics, and if you are given the opportunity to choose one, you will have a lot of fun researching this. One idea for an essay on Korea is a research of the split between South and North Korean states. These territories have a big number of cultural differences that are very visible and noticeable today. Or, you can write a Korean culture essay about the Joseon dynasty and the time before it, when people practiced Korean shamanism. If you really want to understand the culture of this country, you need to understand its history. The eastern archers, Tung-I people settled in the Manchuria 3000 BC. Their domains still extend to North Korea. One of the most popular stories about Korean culture and industry is that of a man named Hwanung. He descended from heaven and met a bear and a tiger. The animals wanted to become humans, but only the bear was granted the wish. The bear transformed into the woman that Hwanung married and had a son with. In 2333 BC.C., his son ascended the throne as the first Korean ruler. To this day, the identity of Korea is nourished by some of the most unique traditions and celebrations. Some have disappeared due to Western influences, which makes for quite an interesting research and writing idea. In addition to history, you could look at the current cultural elements in Korea, such as their traditional houses that still exist today. Korean traditional houses or Hanok are selected using geomancy. This indicates that the houses are built against a hill and face south. If you’ve ever been to Korea, you are aware of the temple and private gardens that are highly popular in the country. This is so unique because it is influenced by Korean folk religion and Shamanism, and emphasizes mystery and nature. If you compare the Japanese and Chinese gardens to those in Korea, you’ll find that the latter avoid artificialities and are more focused on the natural. The Korean gardens are filled with natural streams, terraced flower beds, and lotus ponds. There’s a lot to write about when you’re writing about Korea. You can talk about the traditional Korean dishes such as Bibimbap, the politics and international relations in North or South Korea, and the modern elements combined with traditional ones across the country. To help you learn more and decide what you’ll write about, we’ve published many free and high-quality essays on different Korean culture topics. On this website, you can access essays about the Korean traditions, their culture, their literature, food, politics, and much more. When you are given such a broad and rich topic to work on, it is very hard to pinpoint the perfect idea. Hopefully, these essays will help you with it.
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