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Generally speaking because of the different economies in the world, labor migration has become something huge, labor migration is the movement of people from one place to another in order to find jobs in other countries, Migration brings social and cultural pressures and other negative impacts that need to be taken into account in planning for future services, so I do not support the idea that says labor migration has positive effects in the host country and also in their home country.Immigration may involve a huge number of people, Although it could be hard for these people to migrate but supporters always have the idea that people need to travel in order to get job opportunities, now you could say that a few people moving out of the country may not effect, but the truth is that movement of such large number may cause a lot of changes in the home country, host country and the immigrant's psychological health, In addition movement of a huge number of migrants may lead to insecurity issues in home country because it causes a decrease in the number of people living in areas that used to have lots of people and more security monitoring in a host country which causes a serious issue of insecurity.

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I have noticed that the Middle East especially has so many opportunities for international workers to work and that is why many people actually travel to the Middle East to work, many people from South Asia travel to the Middle East to work. Not only in the middle east but also around the world there are a lot of labor migration[1], so because of that some people claim that labor migration has more of the positive effects over the laborer and positive impacts over the economy of home country, because they would send money back their home to invest their money on family farms or start new business or set up new enterprises in their home countries with the money they have earned[1]. However, it causes a decrease in the number of people living in an area, for example, North America, both the US and Canada has also a big labor migration, which might decrease the number of people living in certain areas, many people started to travel to these countries in order to work and to settle there as well[1], Thus, Labor force decreases and the companies in the home country collapse, which affects the economy of this country very badly.

The supporters advocate that with present economic and trading structures rich and powerful countries get benefits because of labor migration[1], However, there is a point the supporters of this idea are missing they are missing the fact that they could go through some insecurity issues and it will increase the rate of crimes, supporters might say that people are leaving their home country and their families in order to get jobs [1], on the other hand the host country might get affected because migrants could be criminals so they might have a positive impact on the economy of the host country but it might increase crimes rate which affects the country in much more bad way, for example many people from Mexico tried to illegally go to the united states so that they will be able to get jobs.

Also there were many African migrants who were traveling to Europe illegally ,they get on to ships from North Africa and then they travel into Europe, many people from sub-Saharan Africa migrate into South Africa many people from the Asia Pacific tried to migrate to Australia. Supporters not only advocate that it can benefit the powerful countries but also it could benefit the immigrant[1], they claim that this improves the immigrants standard of living, they get to see new places, meet new people, know other cultures might also pick up a new language or two, it enables them to have a new life in new areas, but they do not consider that there are hard social consequences of immigration, firstly the immigrants are split from their families, a condition which is almost impossible to stand and not everyone can live with it . Moreover, they are thrown into a new culture, a new country that they do not know anything about they are totally strange to, they have the purpose of migrating in their minds that they are going in order to get a job and help their families.

In the case of Morocco, it encourages migration, it encourages its own people to travel abroad and work because it provides two things, it reduces the unemployment rates inside Morocco and it increases remittances people who work abroad and then they send money back to their families [1]. Which in my opinion it might at first help the economy of the home country but will go through some economic disadvantages later on because the country will experience brain drain means many of the smart people in my country will simply migrate to another country because they will find better opportunities in other countries, the country will experience the loss of young workers who might help the country's development ,it will lose highly trained people especially health workers.In conclusion, labor migration has several bad effects, it affects the host country, home country, and the immigrant's psychological health, but still, some people support this movement, it is clear that these people do not consider the situation in all aspects, in my opinion, the spread of migrant labor should be stopped before it gets out of hand and affect more people

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