Education is a Right: the Struggle to Remove Barriers to Education


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Education is a right, not a privilege. But, unfortunately many are robbed of that right- and the impact that has on the world is devastating. In this essay I will elaborate on three main issues that I find are hindering greater access to education: the sidelining of women’s education and achievements, the marginalization of minority groups, and the inaccessibility of schooling due to cost. These issues overlap, which leaves those within these groups with a greater vulnerability.

Some may say that education is available to all , and those that are different, or those that cant afford it , or cant afford to send all their children to school is a choice they made, It isn’t something that the government or the world put on them. However, we must realize the situations we are put in and the economy and try as much as we can to make sure every single child, male or female person goes to school. No one should be denied an education.

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“We know increasing the education of adolescent girls and young woman carries impact across generations” –Irina. If this is so, why are there so many discriminations against specifically the women getting an education? Statistics show that out of 57 million out of school children around the world, 31 million are girls. Similarly two thirds or 493 million of the world’s illiterate adult population are women.

As we all know, in less economically developed countries they marry their daughters off at an extremely young age, this comes from their culture. However, Dolores Dixon, executive director in Canada for Camfed, a non-profit working in African countries to support the education of marginalized girls says, “Parents who can afford it would not necessarily hold back their children from going to school, but if you can’t afford it you will then have to make a choice … they feel [marriage] is the best option within the limited options.”

These countries are contradicting themselves, they have no money t send their children to school so they choose the boys, they send their girls to get married which only will cause another generation to be born- which they will have no money for.

Another key opponent of wider access o education is the profuse racism. Schools serving greater numbers of students of color had significantly fewer resources then schools serving white students. In the earlier years, as late as the 1960’s majority of African American, Latino, and Native American were all educated from schools in which the funding was significantly lower then the schools of the white people. As well, this minority of people were excluded from attending university and college.

This issue is constant and still going on, now in 2018. Two thirds of minority students still attend schools that are made for the “minority”. Even within wealthier communities the minority students are not treated as well, given the right resources to help them succeed, or given the care that they deserve.

The rise in expense of attending university. This isn’t a global issue, but rather this is only for specific countries. Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, and Slovenia offer tuition free university when in America tuition prices range from Tuition fees range from $5,000 to $50,000 per year. The average annual cost of tuition fees in the US was estimated at $33,215 in 2016. With these high costs of education it will usually leave students who finish with an undergraduate degree – 4 years of school with a student debt of $132,860. The cost of secondary school education ha increased 53% since 1985.

Schooling should not be an option, and it most definitely should not be something parents should decide who should go. Schooling is important and a necessity. As well, imagine those children who were not treated properly in school, what makes you think they will want to come back? How will it show the other students to treat them? Lastly, if a child knows they wont be able to afford post secondary school, what will motivate them to put effort into high school and elementary?

It is our responsibility to try and make change in this world starting with women’s right and equal in race and religion, as well as making schools and post secondary schools affordable to all.

Every country should have a proper education system in place the more economically developed countries as well as the less economically developed countries need to make it accessible for all.

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