Overview on the Lack of Management Impacts in Microsurgical Technology


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Throughout the entire class, I have learned a lot about companies’ culture in the U.S and I have also gained some experience understanding the concepts and used them by assessing certain organizations or companies on justice and ethic regarding their decision-making process. I could not wait to apply these concepts in my professional career, but there is something that is shocking about the way some of the employees are treated in the organization. I want to go far beyond by talking about my opinion on justice related to an organization called Micro Surgical Technology. Micro surgical tech is an organization that was founded in 1976 by Dr. David J. McIntyre, an ophthalmologist in Bellevue, WA. He partnered with a trained jeweler, Isidro Nilsson, to create finely crafted devices for Irrigation and Aspiration in cataract surgery. The headquarter is based in Redmond, Washington where they have continued the legacy of finely crafted devices with precision for over 40 years. As the organization started growing, they were considered, as a premier OEM manufacturer of Irrigation and Aspiration devices.

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The organization is doing a fantastic job by designing, manufacturing, and marketing ophthalmic surgical products. They focus on single-use devices used in cataract surgery. The organization offers forceps and scissors, such as stripping forceps, horizontal scissors, micro-holding forceps, handles, IOL cutters, forceps with Rhexis rulers, vertical scissors, micro-graspers, and micro-tying forceps. In addition, they provide rings, including ring manipulators. By using irrigation tools, scissors, forceps, iris hooks and other instruments, eye care professionals are able to address cataract issues as smoothly as possible. Even though, they pride themselves on their educated staff, the decision-making process at the organization is terrible. Reasons why, it will be good to analyze some of the cases concerning injustice and unethical decision that were afflicted on employees. Obviously, justice is a concept that reflects the perceived fairness of an authority’s decision making. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Micro Surgical Technology, here is a story that was narrated to me during an interview with one of their employees. There was a pregnant lady that was working there on a contract and the contract term was 3 months. Due to the fact that she was doing a good job, they extended her contract to an unlimited term. Given that she was pregnant, the customer service manager came to her one day and said roughly “today is your last day of work”, she was confused about the decision at the point that she almost faint at her job, but she took the courage and went to the Human Resource office and explained the unethical decision made by the manager.

The HR manager said she is not going anywhere until she gave her two weeks’ notice before the baby due date, because the decision was unethical and unjust. During my interview with this employee, the problem she saw as relevant was fairness and discrimination. As a matter of fact, the issue rhymed with Justice and Ethic. The victim has gotten the opportunity to talk with the HR office and explains the problem, this an example of procedural Justice. What is a procedure justice? Procedural justice is a process that examine the fairness of the decision-making procedure. It is often fostered when authorities adhere to rules of fair process. In this case, the HR management did not adhere to the procedure of terminating the pregnant lady contract. She knew that the only way she can bring justice and fairness to this procedure is to use the rules of voice, which is giving to employees a chance to express their opinions and views regarding a decision. In fact, the action she took is similar to the correctability rule; which provides employees with a chance to request an appeal when a decision or procedure is wrong. Some researches confirmed that these rules improve employees’ reactions to decisions. Many employees value the rule of voice and appeal no matter what the outcome is. Normally, people like to be heard no matter how wrong they are, that is the expression of freedom of opinions. When people are considered, and they are being treated fairly, they are motivated and their job performance increases, thus fostering a great culture at the organization. Besides, the use of voice and correctability, procedural justice is fostered when authorities adhere to four rules that serve to create equal employment opportunity, in occurrence the consistency, bias suppression, representativeness, and accuracy rules helping to ensure that procedures are neutral and objective, as opposed to biased and discriminatory practices. These sorts of procedural rules are relevant in many areas of our professional career. I could not support such an action anyhow, without being knowledgeable of a mistake that the employee did. Actions speak louder than word, as manger I cannot decide to fire people one day or the other without a solid reason, it does not make sense. Managers makes righteous decisions and act in a fairly manner.

A former technician of Micro surgical technology gave a bad rating on Glassdoor website by saying: “It is not worth the headache”. He proceeded after the title of his comment saying that “Pros: Good pay, (Depending on what shift) good overtime, cons: Management team can’t make executive orders, Supervisors do not know what they’re doing, no communication, Unprofessional management team” He conclude by giving them an advice “Better leadership team, they all need management classes and sensitivity training! Some of them tend to come off very aggressive!”. Indeed, the company is lacking sustainable managers that can bring management concepts and values to the company. Such a comment is not good for the image or the reputation of the organization because there is a bunch of people out there looking for jobs. all people care about working for a company that reinforces bad behaviors and encourages the implementation of a great culture. Except procedure justice, I also noticed a lack of distributive justice at the organization. Distributive justice is the reflection of fairness in decision making outcomes. It is a tool that employees use to gauge the equal distribution of rewards, such as promotions, raise etc.… When I was interviewing the employee, she mentioned a second management mistake, where the former accounting manager hired a high school intern that was getting paid high wage compare the other employees working there. There is no sign of equity norm at the organization, in this situation the manager is abusing of his power without knowing that he is damaging the image of the organization. These actions do not promote team work, as a manager your goal is building harmony and solidarity in work groups. In definitive it is an autocratic leadership rule. Equality norm encourages fair treatments, all team members deserve to receive the same amount of relevant rewards, just like in a student groups projects, in which all group members receive the same grade on a project, regardless of their individual productivity levels. The welfare of a employee is a critical concern, another scandal coming from the same manager that led to his termination is: He was always mistreating and yelling at an Indian employee that has been working for the organization for 15 years, because of the high school intern complaining to the former manager about the Indian lady pressuring her about her task.

The lady got tired of the situation and ended up resigning. Even though, the lady act like and an introverted person I am assuming that she was scared to take the problem to the highest level of management. Anyway, that was the story that open the eyes of the top management, because it is unbelievable for an employee that has been working for an organization for 15 years to quit her job. So, they investigated the problem and have realized that the accounting manager was blaming her for nothing, so they fired him. Even if for some reasons organizations protect new employees from executing complex task and other extra activities, so that they can get be productive at the beginning, as a good leader, the accounting manager should not have threatened an employee because of an intern. There are companies that work their interns harder than what people think and the purpose of internship is to learn. In the midst of what is going on at the organization, some of the actions can relate to interpersonal justice. It is a type of justice that enforced the respect rule and assesses to whether an employee is treated well with dignity and respectful manner. After all the issues that I was told by the employee, they are truly lacking management efficiency, the accounting manager is abusing of his position, it could be because he had no previous management experience and knowledge, or he inherited a rude and immoral trait from his families. According to the book, interpersonal injustice occurs when authorities are rude or disrespectful to employees, or when they refer to them with inappropriate labels. It makes sense to say that leaders are born not made, leaders make use of coercive power when there is a need to do it but being autocratic and using coercive measure all the time can remind me about Hitler. Jesus was announced before his birth for being the Messiah.

Through his entire life until crucifixion, he manifested love and miracles as an attraction of followers. By judging the fairness of the decision outcome of the customer service manager and the accounting manager, there is no signs of them attracting followers. Managers uses negative reinforcement when there is an issue regarding the employee performance or the employee attitude. By being a manager, you are indirectly playing the police behind the employees. Employees who are abused by their supervisors report more anxiety, burnout, and strain, as well as less satisfaction with their lives. Eventually, you are responsible for managing people, reinforcing the rules, make sure the ethics and conduct of the company are followed, foster a fairness and a good working environment for employees and at the bottom line make valuable decision. These decision needs to be communicated professionally. On the other hand, informational justice encourages the justification rule requiring authorities to explain decision-making procedures and outcomes in a comprehensive and reasonable manner, the information should be truthful and honest. Analyzing the first issue about the pregnant lady, none of this was followed, managers should realize that we are leaving in a democracy, and with the advanced technologies that exist today, nothing major happened that is not in the headlines.

They should make appropriate decisions with the use of different technique. In a normal manner the manager should give her a two week notice with a valuable reason, so that she could understand the reason why the organization is laying her off. What the manager did is firing her without any reasons. However, it is a common sense that organizations would explain decisions in a comprehensive and adequate manner, but that is not often the case. The book gave the example of RadioShack, the Fort Worth, Texas company, that was recently criticized for firing 400 employees via e-mail. 76 Employees at corporate headquarters received messages on a Tuesday morning saying: “The work force reduction notification is currently in progress. Unfortunately, your position is one that has been eliminated.” After receiving the 18-word message, employees had 30 minutes to make phone calls and say good-bye to fellow employees, before packing up their belongings in boxes and plastic bags. This is a portrayal of informational injustice, I understand that sharing bad news is the worst part of the job for most managers, but it must be shared righteously so that the employees will not feel upset or discriminated. A survey of 372 human resources professionals revealed that almost 75 percent felt stress, anxiety, and depression when they had to conduct layoffs during the economic downturn. In addition, a national study noticed that 15 percent of employees are victims of abusive behaviors, ranging from angry outbursts to public ridiculing to being used as scapegoats for negative events. Employees who are abused by their supervisors report more anxiety, burnout, and strain, as well as less satisfaction with their lives in general, this is depicting the situation that happened with both employees of Micro Surgical Technology, one was being mistreated and harassed and another got fired with no reason.

The decision that we make as managers should be rational, we should ask our self if the decision is ethical, how will it be perceived by the employees, conduct a self-consciousness examination before making any assumptions. Prior being fired, the employee that I interviewed told me that same accounting manager was committing fraud, he was using the organization money to buy things that they did not see. This is similar to Enron scandal where the executive lied about the financial statement and manipulated the earning and book revenue that never came in. So, what is the issue behind story narrated by the Micro Surgical Technical. Micro Surgical Technology is experiencing poor management, the management team is not efficient, managers randomly decide what to do with no morality awareness. From the issue with the pregnant lady until the funds fraud, the manager has no sense of fairness or righteousness. Those actions are extroverted behaviors, extroverts tend to unveil themselves quicker than possible. If I was the person that is being victim of those unfair treatments, I would not recommend people to work there.

The same thing happened to me when I was working at a company called GENIE in Redmond where, my coworker used to yell at me in front of my team leader for the simple reason that I made small mistakes. My team leader did intervene doing anything some coworkers came to me and said you should not let him yell at you because he is nobody but just a simple employee like you. I have gotten a chance to meet a lady that worked there and told me that she did not approved their management team and the companies’ culture is aggressive. Everyday passing by, people are going through various hardship at their job because of poor management insight. As a future leader what could company do about it, or what could Micro surgical technology do to remediate his management team issues. I would recommend them to choose their future managers wisely and submit them to various personality test because it is important for an organization to have a good leader that will impact the employees and the customers. They also need to train the managers and encourage them to take some management classes because it is not all the managers are those that graduated from a leadership and management major, some of them got promoted to the managing position just because of their loyalty to the company. They should make sure the managers have traits like culture affinity, positive attitude, empathy, honesty, and accountability. Again, leaders are born and not made, those that are made leader are likely to be worst managers. They also need to set goals and communicate with employees in and adequate and fair manner. The executive should foster a quality environment where the employee’s achievement is valued and recognize. They should always promote fairness and equity by requiring employees to escalate when there is an issue. The company should hire some external auditors that will make sure the accounting is accurate. Above all, people always remember unfair acts more vividly than fair ones. Even if It’s often difficult to be a manager, organization should look for managers that have good traits and characteristics. Micro surgical technology hired a CEO that had a business administration degree, that is the kind of skills they to make management decisions relevant. A manager should not use his power as a weapon against weak people. What makes a better manager is to be a reference leader as your followers will always refer to you, do good things and your work shall never be forgotten

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