Lady Macbeth as One of Shakespeare's Most Renowned and Frightening Female Characters

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Playwrights frequently utilize a character’s entrance and exit from a play so as to urge viewers to judge the characters choice and behaviours. In William Shakespeare’s violent, tragic play, Macbeth, he cautions the viewers of the risks of unrestricted ambition as the Macbeth changes from faithful subject to dangerous lord. Shakespeare utilizes the entrance of Macbeth with the witches to display that his physical courage is complemented by a tremendous amount of self-doubt. Lady Macbeth’s entrance and exit are also used by Shakespeare to demonstrate that she is stronger, more ambitious and more ruthless than her husband, she presents herself as having the knowledge that she has the power to push Macbeth to murder. To promote friendship and bravery, Shakespeare uses Banquo’s entrance to introduce the theme of overshadowing which is prevalent throughout the play. In constructing these characters, Shakespeare uses a range of stylistic and language features such as dialogue, soliloquies, imagery and props.

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We initially hear about Macbeth in the injured captain’s record of his frontline valour so our underlying impression is of a courageous and skilled warrior. This perspective is complex, nonetheless, when we see Macbeth communicate with the three witches, we understand that his physical fortitude is joined by a devouring ambition and a propensity to self-doubt. 

The prophecy that he will be king brings him delight; however, it additionally creates an inner struggle within Macbeth that is magnified with the later of introduction of Lady Macbeth. Shakespeare utilizes Macbeth to demonstrate the awful impacts that aspiration and remorse can have on a man who lacks the moral strength of a strong character. Unlike Lady Macbeth, it never occurs to Macbeth to commit suicide, “Why should I play the Roman fool.” As a last act of valour he goes down fighting, bringing an end to the play, Shakespeare begins the play with Macbeth securing victory on the battlefield and ends it with him giving his life in combat.

Lady Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most renowned and frightening female characters. When the viewers first observe her, she is plotting Duncan’s killing. She is much more grounded, increasingly merciless, and more aggressive than her husband Macbeth. She appears to be completely mindful of this and realises that she has the ability to push Macbeth into committing murder. At a certain point, she wishes that she were not a women so that she was able to do the killing herself. This theme of the affiliation among power and gender is critical to Lady Macbeth’s character: Macbeth suggests that she is a manly soul occupying a female body, which appears to interface manliness to aspiration and brutality.  

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