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Landscaping entails beautifying by making changes to an area of land through structures, plants or terrain. Landscaping isn’t foreign anymore as people have been practicing it for centuries now. It’s practised for so many reasons among which includes aesthetic, practical and beautification purposes.

Landscaping modification could occur in

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Living elements (gardening) : addition of ornamental, edible, native or other types of plant.

Natural elements : terrai shape, change in shape of land, terracing etc.

Structures : construction of fences, walls etc.

Natural features like terrain, topography, soil quality, prevailing winds, depth of the frost line and so many other should be considered during landscaping.

In recent times, landscaping has majorly been about laying and planning out gardens to enhance the appearance and create useable space for outdoor activities around a home. People beautify the exterior parts of their houses with various plants ranging from colour, use and specie. Mainly, these plants are for beautification purposes only.

In gardening, there are various items that are being used. Items used to prepare the land all the way to planting and weaning. These items ranges from small garden tools to the heavy power tools. We are all familiar with most of these items/tools, but there are certain garden tools we’ve kicked out or not even thought to be necessary at all. Unknowingly, these items are very useful and helpful.10 of such items are:


Without several buckets, gardening will be quite tasking. These are essential as they will be needed in carrying items, dispose waste and tidy up. People have practically forgotten the use of buckets because of garden pans, but buckets are highly efficient. Models of high quality should be chosen as they last longer.


Getting about three pairs of goives for gardening is really advisable. It’s really not safe performing gardening tasks with bare hands, as serious injuries (cuts, pricks etc) could occur. A pair of washable synthetic gloves that are very good for maintenance (dead heading, weeding in dry soil, handling seeds). Latex coated cotton gloves are water resistant and not easily punctured making them perfect for working with wet soil and thorny plants. Heavy duty leather gloves are suited for tough jobs like digging holes and replanting. These gloves should be replaced when they start to wear out, or holes starts appearing in the fingers.


Almost nobody Will think about getting ladders for their garden. Ladders are also very essential as they are needs to reach farther heights like upper branches of trees and tall heages. Climbing stools are chairs in order to reach far heights is pretty stressful and old. Ladders made from light material e.g lugyy weight aluminium is strongly advisable as it makes them easy to carry and leaves lighter marks in grass.


How do you intend moving heavy materials around the garden without a wheel Barrow? It is used for moving semi large quantity of material from one place to another. Rather than making a dozen trips, make one with a full wheel barrow. It safes time as well as energy. A steel wheel barrow will dobut eventually rust at the long run, so it’s plastic counterpart is highly preferred. A plastic wheel barrow is also very light and easy to maneuver around the garden.


People are either non challant or Ignorant of the use of safety/protective gears. Without the use these items, we will very much be exposed to different risks. These items help in minimizing garden accidents to the bearest minimum. Every Gardner should have eye and ear protection alongside the gloves. Boots should also be worn to protect the feet. The skin should also be covered up to prevent contact with sap and any other liquid that can possible cause irritation.


Gardening hose is very effective for watering plants. They have been overlooked because of watering cans. Gardening hose sprays water over long distances and saves time. Hoses with crush resistant coupling made of solid brass, and get the longest model available.


It’s a very good idea to keep a utility knife on you while gardening. You might want to cut or cut through something or anything. A model that has a lock, a safety guard and a blade easily cleanable and changeable.


It will definitely be a miracle if anyone thinks of these. People are used to kneeling on their bare knees while gardening or performing other gardening task, bit it’s so not comfortable. Grab a pair of foam knee pads, and plant comfortably.


Outlets for power tools are pretty essential and they should be placed close to the garden. Having extension leads totally eliminates worries that comes with using power tools.


Push brooms have been long kicked out because of power tools like the leaf blower. Push brooms always come in handy to clean up smaller areas of land and corners of the garden. Push brooms with wooden handles and soft bristles are the best.

These garden tools are essential items for day to day gardening. It’s important to always get durable and high quality tools that are also very affordable, as they’ll be used everyday. With these gardening tools, your day to day gardening will be stress free and less time consuming than it was.


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