The Power of Effective Communication in the Workplace

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In the world today there are close to 7000 spoken languages, that of which are social constructs developed over thousands of years of social adaptation. Without these sounds we emit from our vocal chords, there would be limited interaction that makes everyday actions and connections possible. The effectiveness of how language is used has been tailored, constructed, and one could say almost altered to be of beneficial to that of the user or speaker in this case. From speaking directly in personal interaction to speaking in front of hundreds or thousands, the power and limits of communication can be endless. We see in the modern workforce how communication is a vital and essential tool that paves the way for an strong and effective team or overall facility as a whole.

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Effective communication within the workplace begin with the speaker, with the thoughts, and basic understanding of these concepts. As an employee of any sized company or facility, various styles are an essential asset many do not adequately utilize. This can be observed in quite possibly every social interaction ranging from body language to the slightest verbal alteration. For example this reference can be applied from past experiences; in many cases sarcasm, attitudes, or the slightest change in the tone of voice could alter how a person on the receiving end might interpret how a message is perceived by the speaker.

One key skill many overlook and do not practice is engaged listening, to fully understand not only the message being conveyed by the ideals or emotional ties to the message. In a high stress environment, the effectiveness of engaged listening can be the “make or break” of a conversation or the team. As employees, working together and being able to understand one another during these times is vital for the success of a surgery or during a high intake of patients. As an employer, there is a form of leadership role or managerial role where good communication skills are key. Being able to fully comprehend the methods of communication and various forms of presentation are vital in making an impact within the facility.

If the doctor, supervisor/manager, technician, or fellow veterinary assistant is well equipped with the skills involving nonverbal signals and being a engaged listener; the facility benefits the most from these skills and styles. As a leader in the United States Army for over 6 years, my personal experience can attest to the effectiveness of good communication skills and how they can be detrimental to the success or failure of a team. When there is proper techniques and skills taught to everyone, there are minimal opportunities for errors. Within the clinic, this concept of proper communication techniques and practices would show in the effectiveness and success during intake, procedures, surgeries, and during interactions with staff as well as clientele. The downside to not having these certain skills and methods of communication would clearly be displayed with tension within the clinic, confrontation during interactions with clients and/or staff, and an overall hostile work environment with no cohesion or comradery between staff.

With many of the social interactions become more technologically based via texting or through social media there is a lost art of communicating with another person. Professionalism is a trait that is of the uttermost importance within the workforce and it is also one that is scarce; this can be seen by walking into a store of any type and interacting with several of the employees. By doing this a person would be introducing themselves to several styles of communication, also the nonverbal displays during these interactions would prove to differ greatly. Many sources of information can be obtained through the internet on good speaking practices for the workplace, as a future veterinary assistant that will have to intergrate myself into another facility these practices will be a vital key to success.

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