Language, Motor, Senses, Knowledge Development of a Baby


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Your baby may soon walk without having already started. When it is more attractive, you may be more interested in loud activities. At the very least, he will do a lot of exercises! Communication has become more interconnected than both sides at the moment. If you ask your child where his nose is, he may refer to him.

Development milestones for one age

When your child reaches the age of one, you will be amazed at what he can really do. This young child, who has recently been in need of your help constantly, begins with the first signs of independence, and at this age, one year, begins to form his own personality. There are many developments in this age, such as motor development, cognitive development, social development, sensory development and language. This is discussed in this paper.

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Motor development

Teach your child during the first year to stand for several seconds; all on his own. He must also have started his first attempt at walking – perhaps he can walk with your hand, and some children of one year can climb small steps.During this year the child explores the world around him; he learns the meaning of empty spaces by moving around him around places, and he recognizes the objects by pulling them with his hands. At this age, the child can progress significantly from random movement to more precise movement. The child is able to move and hold objects with his hands at the same time The child is able to hold a small game in each hand at the same time. He can also hold a pencil in his hand and scribble on paper. The child is able to bend easily, to raise a game on the ground The child is able to sit for a long time on his feet , The child can eat solid food because his teeth have evolved and emerged.

Social development

In one year, the child can distinguish between adults. He can recognize his mother and interact with her presence in a distinctive way. He gives his mother what she asks of him, and simulates adult movements such as clapping his hands or waving when leaving.The child interacts with others, smiles, communicates visually with others and can express his desires to varying degrees.

Knowledge Development

The child is very interested in exploring everything. He also becomes able to point toward the things he loves.Drop or throw the games down deliberately, to see where you will go or for the parents to return them, this is a great game for him.The child enjoys a food inspection, so you should not be surprised if he becomes selective in eating it.The child enjoys covering himself, chair, etc., just as he tries to feed himself with a spoon or hands.

Language Development

At the age of one year utter the first words. By the end of this period, the child’s vocabulary is gradually increasing. Differences between children in this age are very large, so you should not be concerned if the child begins to pronounce the first words only a few months after the age of one year. The child can use a number of words, usually between 6 – 10 words. For example: Papa, Mama and Tata. Of course, he understands a greater number of words, but he still does not know how to pronounce them. Most of the words the child says at this stage are names. He uses words primarily to describe the things he raises. For example: a dog, a ball. The pronunciation of the words is not entirely clear, and sometimes only the parents are the ones who understand it.

Developing the senses


By the end of the first year your child can recognize the objects in the pictures, distinguish between different colors and have a picture of what is around him almost as adults. As the child begins to recognize the concept of space – depth and distance between him and things, and even recognize the geometric shape.

Sense of smell

The first year of the child’s ability to recognize and differentiate between odors and smells, and it already shows different reactions to good and bad smells.

Developing feelings

The emotional life of your child increases tremendously during the first 12 months of life. He can not only smile but can also laugh. He also develops other feelings, such as shyness and self-awareness, which are essentially resisted by his innate curiosity.

There are abnormal developments like,The child is unable to walk one step until the age of one and a half years. The child does not care about different toys and toys.The child can not occupy himself or cry. Do not focus while reading a book or browsing photos.Does not respond to his name until after the age of eighteen months. Child movements are not consistent. For example, it is preferable to use the foot and left hand only.

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