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Las Vegas: Geography, History, Culture, Tourism

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This document is researching and finding information about tourism in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. This report provides information about Las Vegas geography and climate, local history, Vegas city culture and traditions, attitude towards people, statistics information, and essential tourist area destinations to be visited.

Geography and Climate

Las Vegas is situated in the southeastern area of Nevada state in the United States of America. This city is considered as a major city and established in the 20th century. When we look at the history of this city, Vegas was developed from a little railroad service center. Since it starts at the beginning of the 20th century and at the end of that century the city showed a tremendous change in its development. Vegas itself was named as a metropolitan city at the end of the century. Geographically some areas of Vegas are bounded by desert vegetation that includes other dry mountain ranges (Atlas World, 2015).

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It is recorded that the average altitude of Vegas city is almost 2030 feet. This countryside is made with mostly rocks, mud and fern, which enabled more visitors to come in and it takes a major role in the city’s popularity. North America’s largest geographical barriers like the Sierra Nevada and mountain ranges act as a border to Nevada. The climate there is diverse, mild in winter, but it is felt cold at nights. It is true that Nevada faces a high-temperature range in summer around 33.6-degree Celsius. The city often gets rainfall which is about 100 millimeters per year. (Media, 2016)

Local History

According to the records of Las Vegas, it is believed that nomadic Paleo Indians were the first group who settled in the city 10,000 years ago. This group was recognized as a tribal Anasazi group and Paiute tribes who lived in Vegas for a 2000-year life span. And this city came into consideration, also be a well-known city from 1911. Growth in the Hotel industry and casinos were observed after world war 2 in the US. Once Las Vegas in the past before the 19th century were covered with rich vegetables and wet marshland. During the 19th century, Spanish exploration had a role in the city. (Lambert, 2019)

This land has named Las Vegas in 1829settlling [160 KM’s]. And the meaning of Las Vegas is “the meadows.” Over the next centuries, Mormon Settlers have arrived at the coast of the city through the Spanish railway cost, Mexico. The arrival of Rail Roads was also observed in Vegas city in the 1890s. Las Vegas had then got the name of Gambling City in 1910. All the highways have been constructed and used in 1940. Mobsters and growth of strip are also in place, which helped the city to achieve a range of nearly 40 million visitors in the records of 2013. Now Las Vegas is popular and famous for the most significant source of income. (city, 2019)

Local Culture & Tradition

Local Culture of Las Vegas is all about the art and the theatre. They perform a different style of art with the help of the local people and through the vibrant city to make it more happening. (lasvegasNaveda, 2018)

In the mid of the 20th century the land was cultivated but with the change in the time, construction of hotels and resort the Vegas started growing and then the Nevada State Council started to coordinate with the Art and Cultural activities and hey started seeing the growth and progress in their state. They started growing in the theatre and the Casino which is the main growing centre and the most entertainment for the people and the visitor. There are some specific festivals which are celebrated every year like

  1. Hell dorado in this people wear costumes and participate in the parade, rodeos, art shows.
  2. National Basque festival held in Elko in July.
  3. Admission day held on the 31st October celebrated with the parade and costumes.
  4. Burning man held in the Black Rock Desert in the north of Reno. (Britannica, 2019)

Attitude Towards Tourist

The relation between the local and tourist is like love and hate. People think that all tourists think that they are working in the strip or night club, which make them feel offended. Local people want that tourist should come for fun, not for work. Local knows that the city runs on tourist that’s why they have casino and clubs to make the life going on. Locals enjoy the tourist as it helps in the economy and they learn a lot of things from the tourist and they come to know about the language and thinking of different countries and their people. They think that tourist knows their limits and boundaries what they must do and what not. But on the same side people also find out the tourist is taking them for granted. The local funds out that tourist think people of Vegas just live casual life but it’s not true, they also have jobs and life like regular people. Vegas really appreciate the tourist as they think that they are getting support from the tourist and bring the world to them. (edmvegas100, 2016)

Tourism Statistics

Las Vegas is one of the well-known tourist destinations in the world, the number of travelers from all around the globe increasing year to year, this below graph shows the number of tourists to Las Vegas in the united states from August 2008 to August 2018. In August 2018, 41.8 million people visited the city of Las Vegas. There were 38.8 million people who visited Vegas in August 2008. (Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, n.d.)

Places to Be Visited

  1. The Strip is one of the famous tourist destinations in the World, which is located in the South Las Vegas Boulevard, Clark County, Nevada. The World’s largest Hotels, Casinos, and resort located on the Strip. This place offers different entertainment and experience. Best time to visit: 7 PM – 12 AM. Length: 6.8 km from North end to South end. Entry fees: Free (Athority, 2019).
  2. Fremont Street is located beside the Strip near downtown Las Vegas, this place offers street experience, television shows, movies, shopping and fresh and cheap foods. Best time to visit: 7 PM – 12 AM. Entry fees: Free (Experience, 2018).
  3. The Shark Reef Aquarium is Public Aquarium Located in Mandalay Bay. Aquarium offers a wide range of Shark shows, rays, different types of fish and reptiles. Hours: 10am – 8pm. Admission fee: 22 USD. (Bay M. , 2019)
  4. Neon Museum. This non-profit organization offers an exhibition of old Las Vegas local culture and Hotels, Resorts and casinos’ history and culture and lots of cultures and featured events. Hours: 9am – 11pm. Admission fee: 30 USD. (Authority, 2019)
  5. Stratosphere Tower is a Hotel in Las Vegas, which have a tallest freestanding observation deck in the US, the tower provides a wide view of the strips. This observation desk up to 2,000 guests at time. Hours: 10 am – 2pm. Admission fee: 20 USD. (Hotel, 2019)
  6. Hoover Dam. The Hoover dam located 35 km away from Central Las Vegas, and it’s also known as Boulder Dam, it is a famous concrete arch-gravity dam in the world. (Dam, 2019)


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