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Latest Iphone X Review

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So recently I just had the pleasure of getting an iPhone X. Hence today my article will center around my own experience of Apple’s newest version of the iPhone.

Here’s a short version of the flaws and benefits that I witnessed:

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  • Pros
  • A unique screen;
  • Probably the best camera ever;
  • Best design;
  • A prolonged battery life;
  • The Face ID is super cool;
  • Cons
  • A little difficult to use;
  • No fast-charging plug included;
  • Very expensive;
  • No aux port.

Now here’s a bit detailed version of all these pros and cons. So when it was newly released, I had heard all these comments on about how it was a complete failure for Apple and what not but personally I’m in love with it. The design is bold and chic. I am probably Apple’s biggest advocate right now when it comes to their screen design and their decision to remove the home button. I’m a huge fan of their design and after apple’s bold step many seem to have followed their footsteps. The glass back and front are also one of their pros and cons, the glass although gives a very luxurious feel, it also makes it extremely fragile and breakable.

The second thing that I love about this phone is the Face ID. Now I know that other phones have it now too but I’ve tried all of them and none of them have ever measured up to iPhone X’s speed and accuracy. I’ve tried unlocking it in different circumstances such as in a dark room while walking really fast and every time it unlocked quickly as ever. The software works quite accurately in both the light and dark; it cannot be fooled by pictures or masks, and it works if you’re wearing glasses too. Apart from that, the user must be ‘actively aware’ for it to work and you can’t just expect it to work by putting it in someone’s face while they’re asleep. I have to say I’ve been thoroughly impressed by Face ID; there hasn’t been a single time I’ve wished for Touch ID instead. Also, we must bear in mind that many users have complained that this software wears out after a while. It slows down. The other downside is that you cannot set a Face ID up for anyone else. So your loved ones have to use a passcode like everyone else.

The biggest limitation to the new iPhone X is that it is extremely crazy expensive. It is said to be one of the most expensive phones on the market. So not many people can afford it which is why it isn’t particularly in everyone’s good books yet. The second issue that many complain about and I myself have felt the same way is that the phone seems to be a bit more complicated. Users have to apply several gestures to get their intended purpose fulfilled. Apart from these few issues, millions are extremely happy with their decision to purchase the new iPhone X including me.


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