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One of my biggest driving forces for productivity is habits. Creating positive and productive long-lasting habits. GrowApp is the first one-stop platform to help people become the best version of themselves. Combining the latest technologies (AI, Machine learning, IoT, Big Data) with science a team of young ambitious developers from Ukraine are working on designing a vision of the world-changing app. A personal development app to help users maintain focus and direction while managing stress and work-life balance, all in one app. ”We are working with behavioural changes which is incredibly difficult. But if we manage to break it down and establish an efficient system, I know we will end up with something extremely powerful.

We spend last 2 years in dedicated work to deliver the one-stop cross-functional solution for self-development and more joyful balanced life. Like most startups, it has been no walk in the park to get to where they are today. Globally we want to be number one when it comes to services that help you improve your mental strength“ – says Dmitriy Marakhovskiy, CCO of IntelVerse Whether you want to drink more water, improve posture, breathe more, or hit the gym 3 times a week this app can not only remind you but it can also track and share your progress. Once you set yourself your first objective, GrowApp gives you a range of activities to get you motivated, from eating healthier to reminding you to call your parents. You can add as many of these to your daily plan as you’d like, or you can keep it in the back of your mind; the app doesn’t push you to make any decisions you don’t want to do, the trick is getting you in the mindset where you want to do it.

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The GrowApp follows a science-based algorithm to keep you motivated throughout the process. Features like happiness trainer allow you to unwind and relax for a bit, while exercise reminders will ensure you remain fit. The app follows a step-by-step process to ensure that the users are not getting too drained with tasks. The creators of the app integrated the gamification techniques to increase motivation and engagement. Continuous progress, using bars and scores that appear everywhere and show the level of achievement and how far each user has come. A lively mascot Arty immediately catches up user’s attention – a self-development assistant and mindfulness coach to pursue growth and learning The app is yet to be launched, but a beta testing phase will take place in New Zealand and Australia markets in October. “GrowApp is special because it’s a central place for me to put thoughts, set goals, track progress, learn skills, practice mindfulness, and get a clear picture of exactly what’s going on in my world. It’s designed to help cut through the chatter – with notifications you set for yourself – and center you on the very specific task of bettering your life” – Dmitriy concludes.


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