Leadership and Self-Assessment: My Way to Future Success

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For self-assessment of my leadership style, I first began preparing a list of all the facets of my leadership skills before analyzing the DSCS (DISC) Model to avoid prejudice and presumptions in my analysis. Based on my self-assessment, I analyze my leadership style to be result-oriented, facts-driven and taking proactive leadership of the tasks, but at the same time, I believe very heavily in planning and taking a systematic approach. I believe in consistency, hard work, and above all tangible results. Sometimes I can be very unrealistic in terms of expectations and impatient. I also am very blunt about what is right and what is wrong whatever the situation may be. I then analyzed the course material to assess my comfortable Leadership zones. Based on my self-assessment, I think my comfortable Leadership styles are Direct (Dominant) and Systematic (Complainant) on the DSCS (DISC) Model. Having said that I think I also possess some of the traits of Spirited and Considerate Leadership style, however, I think my traits of Direct and systematic Leadership style greatly outweigh others. For ensuring that the results of my self-assessment are accurate, I decided to take some online personality tests. 

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Based on the results, I assess my behavior preference to be Dominant and Systematic. Although I do possess some facets of the spirited and considerate behavioral style. My comfort zone and preferred behavior style would be where I can create a clear plan of action, analyze significant data, and lead the team by example. I prefer getting things right and am least forthcoming in personal and emotional matters. I prefer everyone on the team to put in equal effort, be more efficient, and have a pragmatic approach. Some of the challenges that my Leadership style present are: unable to see the limits, not respecting nontangible benefits, extra effort and concern for smaller details of the project, being over-cautious, not completely trusting others, and sometimes neglecting alternating point of view.

I would consider my leadership style twin to be Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, Space-X, the Boring Company, Solar City, Hyperloop, etc. As a leader, he is known to believe in proven facts and statistics rather than stories, letting others know they are not performing as per the expectations, staying objective rather than being subjective and emotional, believes in speed and efficiency, prefers to work alone, and keeping the meetings brief and to the point. Such a style of leadership comes naturally to me and so I would consider Elon Musk as my leadership style twin. 

Finally, if I were to aspire a leader to gain leadership qualities, it would be Andrew Carnegie, the founder of the Carnegie Steel Company, which later became the U.S. Steel Corporation. Andrew Carnegie was born in 1835 in Scotland and later moved to the United States in 1848. It was because of his diligence, self-discipline, focus, self-realization, stoicism, ability to envision a goal and create a systematic approach to achieve it, focus on improving efficiency, and above all hard work that he was considered one of the greatest leaders of American Steel Industry. At the age of 13, Andrew Carnegie started his first job in a cotton mill. At the age of 15, he started working as a telegraph messenger boy at the Ohio Telegraph Company. Because of his ethics and hardworking nature, he rose to the position of superintendent of the Pittsburgh division of the telegraph company by the age of 18. Andrew Carnegie revolutionized the steel manufacturing industry by controlling the process from start to finish. Because of his innovation and revolution, he controlled the largest iron and steel operations in the United States for some ttime.  

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