Impotrance of Leadership Qualities in Life

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Leadership is not innate trait rather it can be acquired through experiences, dedication and hard work. Throughout my personal, educational and professional experiences, I feel that leadership is something that I have earned these years.

Being female, middle class standard, introvert trait, firm hard work, supportive parents and my mother’s faith (belief in yourself, be independent and stand on your own feet) are enough on my plate which pushed me to be a leader. Dealing and communicating with people is the core ingredient of leadership. During teen years, I was anxious of being a leader despite of having a lot more qualities. Since my childhood, I was volunteering in Girls Guide at a native community. This barrier in me break through when I have been elected as Shaheen Scout Leader.

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As a Shaheen Leader, I had lead 6-7 years old boys. Its main role was to provide opportunities for physical, mental, social and spiritual development of young boys so that they can become law abiding individuals, capable of performing their responsibilities in their home, community and country. Every Sunday, there is a gathering to accomplish this supreme aim to prepare our youngster from this early age. I had organized and participated in various community based and social-service projects in the form of camps, hikes, sport galas, funfairs, social events, cooking competitions, educational and health related projects.

Through my academic and professional years, I have gained adequate opportunities to polish my skills and expertise as a leader. I had pursue my undergraduate study in Nursing and have been selected in “The Aga Khan University Hospital,” a well-known university of Pakistan through extensive aptitude and interview. Each subject have specific individual and group projects. For instance, I have organized and participated in awareness group project on leprosy for the students of The Aga Khan Higher Secondary School. Conducted individual and group teaching sessions on postpartum care for mothers at The Aga Khan Hospital for Women. Developed and Conducted project at the oncology ward for staff members titled as “Reviewing health assessment techniques and its correct documentation” at The Aga Khan University hospital as part of the nursing course leadership and management.

Organized and participated in Heath Mela, junk collection and health education sessions on environmental health in an urban community as a group work under faculty supervision and collaboration of local stakeholders as part of nursing course of community health nursing. Furthermore, I have worked as a registered nurse in surgical and coronary care unit after my graduation. I am responsible for providing holistic and critical care. I am emotionally strong and sensitive to deal with customers (patients and their families) and colleagues which is one of the qualities of leader. I manage work productively at its optimum time and worked well individually as well as team. Moreover, I have been assigned as a team leader and managed unit in absence of head-nurse. My experiences have enabled me to enhance my skills, and knowledge in vast umbrellas of leadership that has prepared me well for the challenges.

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