Leadership in the Call of the Wild

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In the book Buck had shown great leadership, he is a born leader and proves this by taking down the current leader. This event proves it because when Buck first came there all the dogs were trying to take down Spitz (which was the current leader) but Spitz always won. But then Buck came in and failed the first time, but he learned from his mistakes and the next time he is ready, and takes him down, that’s why this book is so great is because it shows to never give up, Buck had a goal, and failure did not affect him in the slightest. He was determined to accomplish his goal, and he finally defeated him.

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In the start of the book Buck was a spoiled dog (and remember a spoiled dog is not a domesticated dog!) He got whatever he wanted, and yes sure maybe he is a leader at the start, but he hadn’t had actual experience, nothing bad had happened to him. He wasn’t prepared if something went wrong, adding on, when he got kidnapped the person who kidnapped him put a noose around him, and he trusted him (strike 1) but when he gave the other person who was buying Buck, and he started choking Buck and Buck charged at him but fainted. He let the person put on the noose. What he should’ve done was not have let him put the noose around his neck, also look at the situation and if it looks bad run, doesn’t matter if it someone you trust, as it shows in the book, this event gets him kidnapped.

Also, when Buck was a sled dog, hardship didn’t make him a good leader, sure he took down Spitz, but a true leader still needs kindness. If you hate everybody, or you’re too rough nobody will like you, or want to follow your lead everybody will think you’re self-absorbed and irritating, and the hardship did help this in a way, it put Buck in his place and really humbled him. Speaking of sled dogs, when Buck was on his last few steps, somebody found him (and his name is John Thornton) he took him to his house and took great care of Buck, a few days later, Buck was healthy and ready to go, but Buck didn’t want to leave him, so John understood this, and kept him. John is a great owner, so great in fact John even treats his dogs like his children. Buck is now finally, a great leader, he’s been through the struggle and now he is prepared for anything.

In conclusion, as I have said before Buck is a leader, he should be a leader, the hardship did help him become a much better leader, but also taught him that a leader needs kindness. Buck is also very loyal as I have already said if he trusts somebody he will be with that person to the end of the line. Buck is strong and determined, if he has a goal, he will finish it, no matter what it takes. As I have also said before he also used to be spoiled, but now he been through that tragic experience so he is prepared if something goes wrong. Before, he wasn’t but know he is ready. As lot of people say, you learn from your mistakes.

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