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Leadership skill is very important in the nursing profession to improve the quality of nursing care and client care outcomes. The nursing profession needs a nurse leader who inspires, motivate, and support to the other health care team members to achieve patients' goal. Leadership plays a very important role in nurses' lives. It is a vital factor for the environment where nurses provide good quality care. The characteristics of a good nursing leader include; collaboration, advocate, empathy, prompt, honest, flexibility, and a good communicator as well as have critical thinking skills to solve problems related to workplace and patients 'care. A nurse leader should act as an inspiration and motivation for the other team member. Leadership is done by taking responsibility and accountability for the team and patients ‘care. Leadership skills can be reflected by a nurse who provides proper direction and guidance to other nurses and unregulated care providers to achieve an optimum level of patient care. A nurse leader has a responsibility to supervise whether the evidence-based practice is used in health care settings. The biggest gap in health care is that the research-based evidence has already been existent, still, it is very hard for us to use those evidence regularly in health care settings because of budget limitation and lack of evidence of study.

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Effective leadership helps to reduce the level of stress of health care staff and creates a motivational, and inspirational environment. Nurses get feedback from a nurse leader that helps them to improve their level of self-confidence. When nurses and unregulated care providers get positive feedbacks from a nursing leader which helps them to improve their practice. Every nurse is unique and different. Moreover, they used different health care strategies at work and for motivating them to be used individually motivational strategies to improve their self-esteem. A nurse leader makes an appropriate decision by using evidence-based practice, good communication, and critical thinking skills to solve the conflicts related to patient care and the workplace. The health care team members should be empowered by a nursing leader and with the empowerment, nurses can improve the quality of nursing care for patients and help patients to achieve their goals related to their health.

There are many types of leadership styles used in the nursing profession such as affiliative, authoritarian, coaching, democratic, servant, and visionary as well as used two models in the nursing profession which are transformational and transactional. The transformational model is very complex; However, its main focus point is building a team and maintain proper communication between nurses and health care team members to prevent errors in patients care. This model is very effective when nurses believe in teamwork and support each other in any situation to get optimum patient care. This concept is very important to achieve the desired goal which was pre-set by the team. The transformational model mainly concentrates on nursing staff performance and inspiration in team members. In addition to this, In the transactional model, the nursing leader only focuses on the weakside of nursing staff and this kind of leadership brings only negativity to the nursing team. When something goes wrong in the team and it does not come with proper solutions (Working as a Team Within the Nursing and Health Care Organization,n.d.).

Canada's nursing leadership imposes a shared responsibility. The high level of nurses' leadership skills benefits clients, organizations(hospitals), communities, and the result of treatment of patient's health care. Strong relationships and good networks create shared leadership that can bring good quality nursing practice. Leadership is defined by a set of nursing practice skills that affect changes in an organization at all levels. (Creative Nursing Leadership and Management,2009). A leader of the nursing staff uses their knowledge and nursing skills to speed up a change and maximize the quality of patient care. Possessing leadership and organizational skills are a great asset for nursing leaders. Nursing leadership is the basis for the creation of working environments that are more supportive and centered on goals. A sense of caring for the nursing team in the workplace gives nurses a sense of respect, safety, and value. Nurse leaders also serve as champions by improving quality in work settings, maintaining safe delivery mechanisms for health care, and promoting social justice.

The primary element requires in the nursing profession is open communication because proper communication connects the whole health care team for creating a supportive environment at the workplace for the betterment and achieving the optimum outcome of patient care. This was seen among nursing staff as they managed the timing of daily nursing care for a client such as the activity of daily living, medication administration, and diagnostic procedure tests. Shared decision-making is another factor that is essential for qualified nursing leadership. The relationships between the members of the nursing team that is indicated the development of a shared decision-making process on. The decision-making process was to carry out an action that is based on the team members ' shared knowledge and experiences. During the weekly multidisciplinary team meetings, these meetings shared decision-making process was observed and obtained. One team member explained the process of decision-making as follows in the workplace during the health care practice. Prevention of conflict is the most important element in the nursing profession to improve the quality of nursing leadership and to improve patient care outcomes. The position of each member in the nursing team reflects how they play their role in conflict prevention at the workplace and how they communicate with each other effectively to manage conflict in all aspects. Which is helped in building nursing team relationships and identical treatment ability, regardless of gender, literacy, position, and age of a person.

In India, nurses are playing a key role in the Indian health care system by providing health care services to the public. The Indian nursing council governs Indian nurses. There is a private as well as a public health sector in India. In India, nurses are responsible for caring for the 1.3 billion population. To ensure the quality of nursing care, leadership is very essential in the nursing profession. In the hospital, a nurse leader is given an area nurse leader designation to supervise and lead the nursing team according to organization policy and procedure as well as according to Indian nursing council standards. Many nurse managers in various departments were monitored such as supervisors of nurses who lead the nurses' team. The most important role in patient care is the partnership between doctors and nurses. But there's a big dynamic force between doctors and nurses. The nursing supervisor supervises the organization's operational capability following policies and procedures.

In Canada, a registered nurse works with the patient and unregulated care providers and decides whether the task is suitable according to their knowledge, skills, and judgment of UCPS, and after that, a nurse assigned UCPS their duties according to the current condition of patients. A registered nurse is responsible and accountable for taking care of a patient with critical and complex conditions as well as coordinating with other health care team members inpatient care. According to the College of Nurses of Ontario, a registered nurse needs to follow eight criteria before delegating the task to other health care team members include patient preference, level of patient stability, care provider abilities, risk of harm, level of decision-making ability (CNO,n.d).

The unregulated care provider is someone who is not regulated or registered with health care registration boards, even though they offer health care services to patients in community settings as well as in health care facilities such as long-term care, nursing homes, or retirement homes with registered health care workers and family members to achieve better results. Unregulated care providers mean they are not accountable to the outside health professional bodies but they may provide health care or another kind of services to clients or patients such as personal support workers, nursing assistants, and doctor assistances as well as a family member who provides care to their loved once. Unregulated care providers provide various kinds of health care services including assistance with ADL (Activity of daily living), maintain personal hygiene, and other households support services including; cooking, cleaning, laundry, buying groceries, and shopping. They also perform other tasks which are specimen's collection, checking vital signs of patients, and lifting, turning patients with proper body mechanisms under the observation of a nursing supervisor and a registered nurse (Leadership, n.d),

Nurses perform roles in different areas such as some nurses provide direct patient care, whereas others work as an administrator, educator, or researcher. Through delivering, encouraging, and supporting the best possible care to the patients, professional standards of nursing leadership can be demonstrated. Leadership skill requires proper self-knowledge to create awareness about how nurse's personal beliefs and values influence other people? A nursing leader must have good communication skills and be able to understand the development of technology that has been made in the area of health care.

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