How Overcoming of Childhood Adversities Developed Leadership Qualities in Me

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Being a leader doesn’t always mean standing at the front of the room or to be in a position of hierarchical power to lead. for me great leaders who embrace their adversity and hardships as key elements of who they've become. My experiences as a child provided me the leadership experience that will serve me for the rest of my life. I lost my father to progressive liver disease when I was six years old in 2005 It took a year between diagnosis and death for him to go, it was hard to move on with our life after my father has died, my mother depended on my father emotionally and financially, when he died she felt lost, she was unable to function properly after his death. The only people that kept her functioning at a primitive level was me and my younger sister. It took over three years that my mother started to speak to people again, to allow them in and give them time to talk to her the way they used to. Even though I was too young to understand, I could feel the stress, and the struggles my mom faced every day, I found myself dealing with something so serious that many people don’t have to cope with until they get older,

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I have been raised by a single mother that still with me through lessons and values she showed me how to keep growing and learning with limited resources, this DIY-mindset is necessary for leaders who are constantly going up against new challenges. I always motivate my younger sister to work hard and to dream big, one of my supporting images for her when she got accepted to participate in the Techgirls exchange program. Growing up I learned how to be persistent, socially outgoing, able to take initiative, and willing to assume responsibility. when I learned how to live my life without depending on a man in our conservative, male-dominated society I have had to learn how to do many things on my own. Often, this has taken some creativity, I am now independent which lets me knowing my limitations and reaching out when the going gets tough, I realized that the very things I view as handicaps—a lack of opportunity, and financial support—motivate me to be a successful woman. I was able to overcome the adversity I faced as a child, now I am strong enough to overcome whatever challenges life throws rows my way.

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