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Leading Trends For The Future Of Human Resource Management 

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The goal of this paper is to establish the importance of Human Resource transformation and how it is evolving into much more than just assisting personnel. Traditional roles and responsibilities are vastly changing in the Human Resource departments to accommodate the ever so changed work force diversity, economic and technological change and globalization within growing companies. Many business professionals highlight the importance of a business being able to adapt through planning, organizing and being customer centered in order to be innovative.

Human Resource department used to only be the department that was in charge of personnel, record keeping, hiring and training functions, and also provided labor law compliance for the company. HR Managers Traditional Roles:

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  • Employee Recruitment
  • Training and developing employees
  • Handbook policies and Procedures
  • Annual Reviews and Compliance

HRM today plays a much more crucial role in a business as they are now managing people and the workplace culture and environment. HR is an important function integrated into a company for governance and helps handle specific performance issues when discussing an employee or associates affiliation with a company.

HR Roles today:

  • VP of Employee Engagement
  • Director of Learning Application
  • Diversity Officer
  • Mindset Instructor
  • Talent Manager

They are now key players in transforming and playing a vital role in organizational transformation because of the demand of globalization and technology aspects that play into our economy. (KALNINA, 2018)New Trends in HRMAs the demographics of the workforce changes the demands for jobs also changes. This year, Millennials (Aged from 22 to 37 in 2018) have finally become the largest generation in the workforce. Millennials have had an intense influence on changing the dynamics of a business and how business should be conducted by working less, having more time off and expecting company perks. The workforce is constantly expressing their desire to have more challenging projects or else the associate could become bored and leave. Workplace culture is an important parameter and has become key when retaining key talent and keeping millennials from looking at other companies for opportunities. All HR function professionals are focused on now there company stands out against competition hence why most companies are really revamping work-life balance practices within companies. Having a positive culture within the workplace will drive collaboration, innovation and benefit the overall business result. As more and more millennials are coming into the workforce another factor of change is that human resource managers have to deal with the rise of how much millennials are asking for extensive paid time off. This generation likes to work hard and play hard. HR has now highlighted the fact that more and more employees are asking for parental leave as well as sick leave.

This involves HR to come up with new standards in the company and policies in order to retain their employee base. The era of annual reviews have reach a decline as many employers are now opting for systems which require management to give feedback on employees progress more frequently as millennials like instant gratification this to has changed the dynamics of how companies do annual reviews. Technology has impacted the workplace more now than ever before and within the HR department is no exemption. Artificial intelligence has been a real game changer when it comes to transforming HR. Most Onboarding and training are now done on the employees first day on their computer with a click of a button which makes it easier for HR to make sure that all onboarding trainings, certifications, and other formal trainings are completed.

In fact much of the recruitment is now social media based whether jobs are posted on Monster, Linked In or Zip recruiter. They now use an analytics solution to shift through many applicant by utilization an Applicant tracking system which allows HR to comb through potential candidates based on keywords they have on there profiles. The AI technology also removes and is immune to stereotypes of applicant. This automation allows for unbiased interviewing and selection of a candidate. AI has become a communication tool between the employee and HR when it comes to freeing up HR departments by assisting employees with its onboarding procedures for anyone that is new. AI technology allows the associate to be in control of all their personal information at their fingertips whether it be their paychecks, there holiday time off, requesting a day off. It allows for the employee to be in control of an employee’s personal information by logging in and freely see all these benefits. Most companies have eliminated traditional training and all day seminars which are time consuming to adding a branch of enhance learning companywide portals to which employees are free to do any available trainings or learning conveniently during their time and whenever they like. Ai allows for Human Resource departments to focus on other tasks then tasks of traditional personnel questions. HR is transformation into a role that In the last couple of years globalization has been the center of a way to bring diversity into businesses and HR has been tasked with hiring and focusing on diversifying the organization. Diversity is directly tied to company culture and financial performance. Our data shows that 78% of companies prioritize diversity to improve culture and 62% do so to boost financial performance. (Ignatova, 2018). Globalization brings essentially provide unique skill sets to an existing organization. HR would need to educate themselves on immigration practices as many of the applicants come from India, Philippines and Europe. This also introduces HR to understanding culture and social norms.


Globalization and Work place Diversity

As organizations continue expand globally, HR has to undergo specific training on how to be mindful of different cultural backgrounds and social norms of the people they look to hire and intact with. HR also has to ensure that all immigration practices in both countries are followed and so they have to constantly make sure that they are in align with both countries laws. Language could also be a barrier. Business today is shifting global due to outsourcing talent due to certain skills that individual brings to the table. This also helps diversify a workplace. TechnologyTechnology has been both a blessing to HR and a curse in business. While it does help and impact the amount of people apply for a specific role that an HR manager might have posted on LinkedIn or Zip recruiter, it could also have some disadvantages. A disadvantage of having online recruiting would be the competition is so much more now. Applicants literally are able to apply for a job by looking up location and it makes it extremely difficult to shift through all the applicants. For example, prior to the technology age, a position would be posted and a business would receive limited amount of applicants now it opens the floor to hundreds of applicants so the interview process could be timely. Another challenge that HR face with technology is the constant fear of either security breaches from their employees using their phones to employees bashing the companies via social media. Talent ManagementAs baby boomers retire, businesses are left with high leadership roles and years of experience roles which by businesses standards need to be refilled by qualified people. The US has a shortage of experienced skilled workers as many of the workforces have degrees on degrees but not on the job experience to make them qualified. HR individuals are now met with the challenge that the workforce do not have years of experience for a leadership role that normally would need a certain about of year of experience to qualify a person for a role.


Our world is constantly changing what feels like on fast forward and businesses need to be able to be adaptable considering the amount of technology that we are using daily and that constantly an update. Feels like every day there is something new, somethings been updated and the “Old way” is no longer okay. While technology certainly does help with administrative tasks there are other challenges that HR now holds responsibility for. Leaders now engage HR as a pillar within a company which has come far in the last two decades. Human Resources now holds the power for the future of the business ensuring that they are hiring the correct people with the right attitude and show enthusiasm for their role.


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