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My project is on learning a foreign language. The foreign language I selected was French and I started off with completely no knowledge of French. I had never taken a French course in my life, nor had I ever tried to be told the language. I additionally didn’t have fluency in the other foreign language before learning this one. I perpetually needed to undertake learning a second language I believed it might be an excellent expertise to speak to others in their own language. Learning a foreign language has several benefits with gathering data of comprehensive cultures, higher job prospects, quicker cognitive development, effective communication skills and then on. For instance, I work with international students and after they speak in their language I don’t understand what they are saying so I ask what they say and they tell me and that makes me more curious about their language.

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I plan to practice online for two hours daily and take quizzes to visualize my progress. I went online to search out videos on YouTube and downloaded games to assist me to memorize the information a lot. I made a decision that if I actually wished to be able to perceive French at a high level in a brief amount of time, I’d want responsibility and constant interaction with native speakers in additionally to smart lesson material. I will be able to use my phone to keep track of information hat shows what I’m doing and then I’ll subsequently transfer that information onto a graph or diagram. By the end of the project, I hope I am extra fluent with speaking French and I will continue to learn more about this foreign language so I could teach or train others. My preparation was from October 3rd to November 21st 2019 for 8 weeks. I spent 6 days a week going through required lesson material that was 1 hour per day. I wrote sentences primarily based on the lesson for 30 mins per day. I listened to French dialogues, songs, watching YouTube videos, and translating them for 30 minutes to at least one hour per day. I sincerely didn’t do this as much when I first started the assignment , but I did it increasingly as time went through. I met up with some coworkers that I know speaks this language at least 1 hour every other day in the beginning, but near the end I was with them more often. I added French to my keyboard for texting and I would text them and they gave me more practice. I took a placement test twice to see if I was getting the material. After week 6 I observed I wasn’t processing the way I desired so I changed up the way I was learning to see if it would help me. Instead, I had two 30 minute sessions per day. One sessions in the morning and one in the evening and I tried to talk French every chance I got no matter how many is sounded. I discovers a site known as and I used lesson from that site. As week 8 came along, I wasn’t practicing like I was in the beginning. I was distracted and I started studying late a night would stop because it would be way too late. After doing this project for 8 weeks I can genuinely say it was a struggle. I do not feel like I completed the goal I set for myself. I had a difficult time remembering the basic principles so I knew I wasn’t going with the intention to memorize an entire sentence. The sentence structure when I was trying to learn was so complicated. I found out so many variations between French and English. All French nouns are male or female. For me, as a brand new learner, I didn’t understand why a phrase takes as a specific gender. In English, the adjectives come before the noun they describe however in French, the adjective comes after the noun it describes. For instance, in English, we’d say” He is a clever boy”, in French they will say” He is a boy clever.” The sentences are capitalized and punctuated differently and the spelling is way more difficult. This activity impacted my development because if you’re not born in a particular country it’s going to always be challenging to learn another culture’s language. I felt like I turned into a toddler mastering how to do something and being taught step by step.

 Learning a second language is not so awful if you don’t give up if you are not understanding it. I wouldn’t continue what I have tried to start because I feel I need an real class that will assist me apprehend the material better. I am a visual getting to know and having a person face to face interacting with me would be incredible. If I was to change my mind on learning another language I could change it to something extra complex like Spanish and I would study and practice at least 2-3 times a week instead of everyday.   

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