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To me, being an American citizen is being free. Being an American implies that you simply can make your possess choices about where you need to live, where you'd like to work, who you’d like to wed etc. It implies being brave, being pleased of this Nation, and being certain that we'll succeed. Being an American is an honor not a benefit. Being a citizen is supporting the troops that are battling for our Nation. It implies that on the off chance that there's a fiasco like 9/11 you don’t just give up you keep battling. It implies that you just treat your individual Americans with regard. It implies merely don’t judge individuals since of their color, religion, or their convictions. Being an American is being faithful to this Nation and making a difference out in any which way you'll be able. It’s nearly like a few American citizens don’t truly get it how fortunate they are. 

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A few are not mindful of how well off they are to live in this Nation. I’m beyond any doubt that there are numerous citizens of America who are not happy with what they have, in case as it were there way to form them non-citizens and help the individuals who are attempting to get their citizenship and need to be glad to be American get their citizenship. After looking through the website it truly makes you realize how fortunate you are to be an American citizen. Perusing almost the Japanese Americans during World War II is destroying. Comparing those days to presently a day there's such an emotional contrast. Individuals ought to think back to when all the detainment camps were happening and realize how glad they ought to be to be American.

I live each day ordinary life, you know nothing extraordinary, and I am fair a typical youngster. Or so I think. At that point once more in case I considered it I am exceptionally fortunate. Why, you might inquire? Since I was born in America, to an affluent family in a pleasant neighborhood and I go to a pleasant school. A parcel of individuals I know counting myself take that for allowed. Individuals see up to America. Since of how our nation is and how great the individuals of America truly have it. There are individuals that dream of being an American and would chance there lives fair to live in our nation. Some time recently I truly learned around other nations, their issues, and the individuals I completely didn’t think anything approximately living in America. All I considered when I listened the word America was it is fair where I live. But presently when I listen the words America it implies a entirety parcel more than that to me. Each day when I wake up I am fair so thankful of where I live. We have issues here to. I cruel it isn't as incredible as a few individuals make it sound, but it could be a entirety part way better than other nations where individuals are murdered for the smallest things. I am an American and I am thankful.

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