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Learning should always be higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean. Closed captioning provides a great learning environment for all ages from kids who go to school, to the old and retired. It helps them build their vocabulary, improve their phonic skills , word recognition, increase reading speed, provide with visual based learning, and helps individual to know the latest in the market.

Learning with a Visual Mission

Visual learning, that has been trending these days, along with CC makes learning easier and fun. . Visual learning, combined with closed captioning creates a better impact. Learners learn concepts faster, and recognize words easily.

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Learning gets updated with market trends

Speaking about market trends video advertisements play a big role by having become the sole medium to market their products and/or services. . There were days when people skipped advertisements when streamed in YouTube or any other form of social media,, but today, people tend to watch them regardless of the language they are streamed in. With the help of closed captioning, it becomes easy for the viewer to and understand the concept behind the product/service advertised.

As the world gets busy and noisy, entertainment industries like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, etc provide the feature of closed captioning in their videos so that people can access videos with closed captioning without the need of headphones.

Netflix has become a huge market in the educational sector, which streams a number of videos targeting different age groups (middle schools, higher school). A show called “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, a science program that -focuses on concepts like gravity, light and evolution helps students understand the concept better visually and easily through texts. A footage drama film named-”A Girl Like Her” was screened to 8th and 9th grade students to help them understand suicide can never be a solution. Different documentary and educational films in Netflix have been of great help to students by helping them learn the value of money and understand life better. .-”. Netflix and Amazon prime are working on different videos covering different subjects of life like physics, biology, economics, psychology, geography etc. While the main focus is on the educational sector, they also provide videos in different languages with closed captions so that the concept is clearly understood and is extremely useful to students who are deaf and mute.

According to a study, closed captioning has become an important and inexpensive tool to learn foreign language. Through closed captioning, it has become easier to get adapted to different dialects. Individuals interested in learning a new skill and enhance their skill sets have broadened their thought process and are getting used to new trends and methods to update their skills and knowledge.. They just don’t rely on class room kind of learning, and use youtube tutorials with closed captioning that helps them understand different ideas and methodologies explained easily. Television channels like National Geographic, Animal Planet, History, HBO etc use captioning services.. Through closed captioning, viewers of different age groups understand the concept behind the video irrespective of the language.

Education and distance have glued with Closed Captioning

The learning methodologies have globalized where people enroll in distance education and online courses thereby saving time and money. These online courses, embedded with closed captioning help learners understand the topics better. These courses also give the learners a PDF kit with the entire study history for easy review and to make notes. Countries like India and Finland are adapting Closed Captioning based learning to increase the literacy rate.

A study by St Petersburg Distance Education in Florida says that 99% of the students take classes with closed captioning, of which 7% of them are deaf and mute who find it useful. More than 90% find closed captioning useful. Studies have also proved that learners who see more words visually become well educated citizens.

Learning with closed caption is indispensable to each other. Closed captioning is a platform which provides great learning opportunities for LEP- Limited English Proficient who have limited ability to read, speak, listen, write and understand the language. Closed captioning is a great tool which is diversifying learners to expand their knowledge in an easy and flexible way.

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