Learning Mistakes Developer Make & How To Avoid Them

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Learning Mistakes Developer make and how to avoid them

Developers life has activities that aren’t optional i.e. learning, upskilling and staying in touch with latest technology is an ongoing activity for them for a successful career growth. However, there are some learning mistakes that developers often make;

One is not having a clear learning plan in place to follow. Usually developers get impatient and go directly into active learning without any preparation. They start reading tutorials which are in the dozen, no specific area of focus in mind. The best way is to look for the official documentation and going through it step by step. Also setting up S.M.A.R.T. goals will help a lot i.e. goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

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Another having no clear end goal in place; continuous learning is good but there are so many new development tools and technology. Most developers have the fear of missing out on new tech when it comes to new technologies and they just want to know them. The thing is to think about the reason you are learning the language at this will give you some sense of direction.

Also choosing of too broad topic scope; it’s a fact that sometimes, developers get too greedy by wanting to know everything about a topic that they fail to narrow down and set a very broad learning objective. And if you can’t be able to say the learning outcomes clearly then you are reading a broad topic.

Relying too much on video tutorials and also written materials; it’s called Tutorial fatigue; it’s a waste of time to read all the materials online so that you understand a certain language. Stick to one if possible. Not having a way to keep track of your progress may let you down also; the clear plan and goals will help you here as you will be checking if whatever you are learning in really meeting the goals one set.

Finally, being a skillful and efficient learner in that having the skills to learn and understand something quite well. Learning is a skill that requires improvement also. Taking take the time to understand the process and have the willingness to improve. At Cytonn Technology I see the developers have a sense of learning new technologies and languages to sharpen their skill, my recommendation is for them to have a clear plan, set of goals and set scope so that they can achieve their goals with ease, quickness and understanding.


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