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Learning Safety Skills with Driving Schools in Hornchurch

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Learning to drive is a paradox between fun and danger. Many people Worldwide reaching the minimum driving age of 17 or 18 are keen and eager to gain travel independence of driving a car by acquiring a driving license.

With Driving Schools In Hornchurch no doubt driving a car is a fun thing especially for new recruits, however, there is this very real dilemma that annual fatality figures are in the four-figure mark for most European countries and a five-figure mark in the USA with a 55MPH speed limit. The USA figures for fatalities in the USA are about 3 times more than average European figures regarding fatalities per thousand accidents. This is despite the fact that some European countries like Germany have no speed limits on the Autobahns as well as a high-speed limit on highways on the rest of the European countries. The speed limit on USA highways is 55MPHor 89 KMH. The car driving schools have a huge responsibility on their shoulders, that of turning out drivers with the intent that perhaps one day the students could save precious human lives. On the average that takes about 30-40 hours of dual instructional driving and about 2. 5 to 3 months time span before the candidates are declared fit enough to appear for a driving test. Crash and intensive course are offered but not usually preferred by the driving schools.

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The schools merely offer such courses as a prestige point. Should other schools offer such courses and another not offer that, people may tend to think that driving school to be somewhat inferior. Crash course students seldom pass the driving test on the first attempt, a clear indication that such courses are inadequate. An average crash course is carried out over three to four weeks. The same amount of 30 to 40 hours of dual driving lessons are given albeit with a lesser time gap between lessons. The theory test component can be successfully accommodated in such a time frame, however, in the practical part, there is just simply not enough time to develop adequate reflexes. A driver controls the car with the mind, intelligence, and reflexes. For example, if the pedal position is interchanged between the clutch and accelerator pedals, even the majority of skilled drivers would drive in a confusing and dangerous manner, a sure invitation to an accident.

As regards Driving Schools In Hornchurch an advantage of driving schools over an individual driving instructor is the infrastructure available for controlling a car in emergency skid condition. In a real situation, if conditions are favourable the driver and the car may survive unscratched. Sometimes that is not the case. A skid can happen due to a number of conditions, worn out bald tire threads not adhering to a wet rainy road. A car with no ABS brakes applying harsh braking on a wet road, causing wheels to lock and a consequent skid. An accidental oil spill and more reasons. Good driving schools train their students on wide tarmac fields with no traffic, teaching them how to control the car in an actual skid condition. In a real-life situation, such a trained driver would be able to control the car with much more confidence perhaps saving precious human lives.


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