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The questions “Do we know the world?”, “Does God exist?”, “What is Man?”, Which are the most widespread and known to every person, can be called truly philosophical. It is worth noting that each person at least occasionally asks similar questions. But what is philosophy? Although many people call it science, but philosophers themselves claim that this is a worldview. It is not uniform - we can distinguish, for example, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of cinema. At one time, other sciences were separated from philosophy - biology, physics, psychology. But the answer to the question 'What is philosophy?' - not given so far.

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'Philosophy' in Greek means 'Love of wisdom.' Philosophy means, first of all, attempts to know oneself and the world around, wisely reasoning, comparing facts, relying on the thoughts of mentors and predecessors, listening to the opinions of more wise comrades, but many of the philosophers, for example, Plato and Aristotle, raise above all the questions about the meaning of life, a person’s place in it and its purpose, about the nature of our actions and actions, about the development of society and personality.

Different development of intelligence, technology, other customs and rules. Each generation asks its own questions, the answers of which are important to him. Therefore, philosophy is not something definite, driven into fetters, but something that has no limits or limits. Every century, every decade, it smoothly changes, changes are almost imperceptible, invisible to our eye, and only after a while people realize how different epochs, people and the meaning of his life are.

We are all exceptional and unique, and our questions are as unique as we are: our thoughts, goals, and ways to achieve them. Therefore, everyone has their own philosophy. Let's just say: each of us has our own, very important for ourselves, to understand ourselves, the philosophy of life. “The purpose of philosophy is not to speculate speculations and build a picture of the world, but to reveal how people should live, what to be guided by, how to influence others and themselves. Everyday life of man is an art. The basic knowledge should be directed at oneself, at the activity of one’s soul in the search for truth and the meaning of life, ”Socrates philosophized centuries ago, and his words are still on the lips. What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is a dream born in childhood. The meaning of life is a goal that appeared in youth. The meaning of life is a task that will be accomplished at all costs. Agreeing with this, the person will continue the list. Or, denying this, he will talk about his understanding. Each person has a different meaning in life.

I do not know what the meaning of my life is - I am only on the path to knowing it. But already now I can confidently name the most expensive thing for myself, select my landmarks based on this. In my understanding, the main thing for a person is a family, loyalty to her and principles, honor, faith. Therefore, my reference points will be the desire to defend the important and acts of conscience. For me, conscience is a feeling that always rightly “evaluates” my actions. Thanks to this, I can come to the most correct decision - so as to be sure that everyone received what they deserve or find a compromise.

What is a landmark? Strictly speaking, this is the main goal of the application of effort, an object by which you determine the course of movement. These meanings accurately describe the meaning of this word in every sense. A landmark in life is very important, because without it a person does not live, but exists; animals also have landmarks, but they are not as diverse as ours. The landmark of life can be called the goal of the student to go to college, and the plan for climbing the courier’s career ladder. This, after all, should not be something that is practically impossible to accomplish, but something that you can strive with all your strength and effort to achieve. What is the purpose of the goal, if it will be removed time after time, if all the efforts and everything done will go to dust simply because the person is not already enough, and he wants to get almost a star from heaven.

What is guided by people in life, creating from it the real art, as Socrates advised? Perhaps one should live according to the laws, without violating them - neither earthly, nor heavenly, and not waste time on chaos and silly crazy tricks that are not useful. Of course, someone will not agree with this: since we have one life, then why is there a strict schedule, what is the use of “scheduled life” if you can get all the joys and be happy? The family primarily influences a person - it is she who lays in him respect for traditions and customs, thrift towards what you have, love for the world, gratitude to God for good luck and happy moments. The endless labor of searching - it is he who will help us to know ourselves and the soul, the desire to know the meaning of life and the “activity of our soul” will make it possible to touch Heaven. Socrates may not have thought of the sublime, but is it really possible to understand our world

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