Legalization of Prostitution in the USA

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As Marilyn Monroe once said, “Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.” These words were uttered by the prominent sex symbol in the 1950s which depicts that sex is a necessity in everybody’s life as it is within our nature as a human. Even though most people have sex with their partners to whom they have consented, some of them opted for sex to get by due to their financial problems: sex work. However, many sex workers were treated dreadfully and being seen as an outcast from society as their métier is illegal in most parts of the world. However, several countries decriminalized sex work such as the Netherlands who legalized it in 2000 and has given new light to these workers. Hence, sex work should be legalized because it could generate national income, taking care of the workers’ welfare, and providing more job opportunities.

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Firstly, legalizing sex work could help to generate national income. All of the profits that are produced by the sex-work institutions or brothels from the country will be channeled to the government in form of taxes as the workers should pay income taxes as every legal profession should. Illicit exercises in the Netherlands, for example, drugs smuggling and prostitution add to the national salary. In 1995, the absolute benefit from unlawful exercises in the Netherlands is 1800 million euros and expanded to just about 3500 million euros in 2006 which helps the country’s economy (Kazemier et al., 2013). Tourists who came from other countries that wanted to get the services will also boost the national income of the country. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) in the UK expressed that the sex-work trades supply 0.7% of the UK’s GDP (Marinetto, 2014). Every week, 25 customers get past prostitution benefits at a mean cost of 67.15 euros per client which produced a monthly revenue of 6700 euros for the workers (Marinetto, 2014). Therefore, sex work clearly benefits the country by producing income from taxes.

Secondly, legalizing sex work will ensure that the welfare of the sex workers will be taken care of. This is because when we legalize sex work, there will be aware of the sex workers’ welfare among the public. They know that the sex workers should be provided with health screening and medical check-ups by the doctors. There are various risky health problems these workers might get such as STIs, RTI’s, AIDS/HIV, and so on as they are locked in with various sexual partners (Improving Awareness Of…, 2017). In the meantime, in an investigation of mortality in an associate of sex laborers in Colorado, manslaughter, and mishaps represented 19% and 12% of passings, separately in which crime rate for sex-specialists was 204 for each 100, 000 (Improving Awareness Of… 2017). Therefore, sex work clearly benefits the people who are in that profession.

Thirdly, legalizing sex work will provide more job opportunities to the people who are unemployed or wanted to venture into the sex markets. By legalizing sex work, people can freely choose whatever profession they wanted as much as policemen, doctors, engineers, or even teachers. They can do their job as sex workers without being judged since it is fun for them. Lion’s share of them was upbeat as 91% of sex specialists depicted their work as ‘adaptable’, 66% portrayed it as ‘fun’, and over half discover their activity ‘fulfilling’ (Bryce, 2015). In addition, the unemployment rate will decrease if we decriminalize sex work as it works as an alternative if people are tired of being unemployed. Youngsters are swinging to sex work to finance college because of the rising living cost, higher understudy charges, and access to online applications which evacuate conventional hindrances into sex work. Meanwhile, figures from the money advice website “Save The Student” discovered more than 10 students utilize their bodies to make cash by wandering into sex work, sugar dating, and web-camming (Busby, 2018). Therefore, sex work clearly benefits people as they provide job opportunities.

On the contrary, legalizing sex work will not be accepted easily by society in Malaysia. Why is this so? This is simply because anything related to sex in Malaysian society is seen as taboo. Sex work is considered an immoral and unethical activity since it is against our culture and religion, in this country sex work such as prostitution, pornography, and web-camming is not a norm in our society. Regarding a poll that we have conducted on Instagram, the question is about whether sex work should be legalized in Malaysia or not, we have received many responses in which many objected to the decriminalization of sex work in this country. It goes against certain moral values that are common in most societies, for example, fidelity, monogamy, and family, and self-restraint (Skembris, 2017). However, how long are we going to remain prejudiced towards sex work, many countries that have already legalized it managed to gain many benefits from doing so. Therefore, sex work should be legalized even though it is being deemed immoral so that the country could gain various advantages.

In a nutshell, legalizing sex work should be considered by the government as it brings a lot of benefits to our country such as income generation, workers’ welfare, and employment. Other countries had already proven how their decriminalization of prostitution could actually increase the economy and further help the development of the country. It is the government’s responsibility to make sure that citizens feel safe to do anything they desired as it is their right to choose any career that they wanted. We hope that this research will open people’s eyes to the pros of sex work rather than focusing on the cons.

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