Legalizing Same Sex Marriage: Problems, Consequences and Solutions

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Nowadays, same sex marriage becomes commonly accepted and it is one of the most argumentative global issues in the world. In the past of thousands years, marriage has been identify as a relationship between a man and a woman. In most of the cultures around the world, homosexuality is seen as disdain and most of the countries prohibit the marriage between same-sex couples. However, homosexual relationships are gradually become accepted, as the right of homosexuals to fight for the marriage in the early 1990s has become a problem. As the society’s tolerance of homosexuality has been increased, the controversy over the legalization of same sex marriage has caused conflict among people in many countries. Although most people believe that the legalization of same-sex marriage will have a negative impact on society, gay activists claim that prohibiting them from marrying is a violation of basic civil rights.

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What causes homosexuality? This is the first and perhaps the most basic issue about homosexuality. In order to understand the phenomenon of homosexual relations, we must first explore the origins of these attractions. There are two main theories about the causes of homosexual attraction. One is that homosexual orientation is basically determined by genetic and/or biological factors – simply put, people are ‘born homosexuals.’ Another Theory is that the development of gay attraction is mainly due to psychological and environmental influences as well as early experiences. In the public square, the latter theory seems to be in recession, and the former has been favored in recent decades.

Same-sex marriage is nothing new and historical evidence to show that marriage is not always a system between heterosexuals. Homosexual marriages existed in a special form about 600 years ago. (Tulchin, 2007) Since the early 1960s, gay activists have been fighting for the right to get marry with the same sex.However, the issue of gay marriage only occurred in the 1990s, as three same-sex couples filed suit against the state of Hawaii for ban on same-sex marriage in the United States. The case concluded that the prohibition of gay marriage is not constitutional because there are no real practical reasons and convincing arguments. (Bauer, 2010).


Legalized gay marriage could lead to some bad consequences. On September 19-21, CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll* includes two questions about the rights of gay marriage and gay couples, the first of which asks whether Americans believe that legalizing same-sex marriage can make the society better, no effect or worsen. About 48% of American they thought legalized same-sex marriage will bring a negative effect to the society, 10% people thought it will bring good effect and 40% people though there won’t be any effect on society. Benjamin W. Bull, chief legal counsel of the Arizona-based Christian law organization Alliance Defense Fund, strongly supports the view that legalization of same-sex marriage will bring a negative impact on society. “It will so erode and diminish the meaning of marriage as we know it, that as an institution which encourages a certain traditional lifestyle choice, it will no longer exist,” Bull said. “When this occurs… virtually all sexual behavior and lifestyle choices become value neutral.” However, making the same sex marriage become legalized also with some benefits which can actually benefit society in general.

Firstly, everyone can get some benefits from a society that is more inclusive and less discrimination. When affirming the rights of social minorities like the LGBT ( Is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community, we have also opened the way for other cultures, politics or any other minority. Just like racial equality has brought about the rise of women’s emancipation, true homosexual liberation. In turn there can be a liberating trends that can make our society more stable. In addition, by allowing people who are homosexual to marry each other can reduce homophobia and violence against the society. By standardizing the nature of same-sex relationships, legalizing same same marriage are creating a more acceptable, more diverse, and actually more democratic society which can make everyone life more peaceful.

Secondly, the unfair treatment for the gay couples such as denying their basic civil rights, it’s not only hurt them also the kids they are raising are also lose their rights as well. Children with gay parents are also being bullied because of the stigma associated with homosexuality. It has long been determined that bullying can have devastating effects on children. They can grow up to become detestable, paranoid, and even bully themselves. By legalizing same-sex marriage, we are raising children who are mentally untainted, who can grow into successful people and have ability to bring benefits to society. By achieving gender equality, we are ensuring the safety of the next generation.


Legalizing same sex marriage can occur as redefining marriages, including homosexual unions, poses a major threat to the religious freedom of those people who still believe that marriage is a male-female relationship. These threats have been going on for a few years, including the recent redefinition of marriages in Connecticut and California to include same-sex justice decisions, have refocused on this issue in a new, particularly urgent manner. The tradition views on marriage is an relationship between a man and a woman because it is recognized that marriage is a basic social system that is endowed with common interests by raising children. However, the homosexual supporter think that the meaning of marriage is an irrational prejudice against gay/lesbian because it take away their basic human right which is choosing their mate and also lose their qualification to get the equal benefits as the man-woman couples from the government. In this opinion about the reasons for raising children are defective, or at least there is not enough foundation to define marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. This kind of thought is the major reason of the clash between homosexual marriage and religious freedom.

However, with the courts, public officials and private institutions view traditional marital understanding as an irrational prejudice that should be removed it from the public life, and the freedom to express this and other beliefs about marriage, family and sexual values will gain greater pressure. Therefore, the government are trying to redefine marriages and resolve conflict between right of homosexual marriage and belief system to make sure they won’t clash. The Massachusetts Supreme Court of Justice redefines marriage by determining that the old state’s traditional marriage law “violate the basic premise of individual liberty and equality under the laws of the Massachusetts Constitution. The Massachusetts court dismissed the reason for marriage based on raising and raising children. The conclusion is that restricting gay and lesbian marriages will maintain “persistent prejudice” and ‘works a deep and scarring hardship on a very real segment of the community for no rational reason.’ This decision effectively announced the traditional understanding of marriage which is marriage defined as a relationship between man and a woman are an illegal prejudice.

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