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Legoland In California

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For a lot of people, legos are an endearing part of childhood. In young children, they signal a lot of fun while in adults, they bring nostalgia and a whole load of memories. Legoland California has been built with these ideas in mind. It is an amusement park designed for everyone to enjoy. You can enjoy Legoland California all year-round though operating hours may vary. Depending on the dates and months, they can operate from 9AM to 9PM, 10AM to 5PM, or 9AM to 8PM. There are other variations so it’s always best to check their website. They display events and operating hours in their annual calendar, so you can make your plans ahead.

Legoland California has nine park areas: Explorer Island, Heartlake City, Fun Town, Miniland USA, Castle Hill, Imagination Zone, Pirate Shores, Land of Adventure, and Legoland Water Park. What sets apart Legoland California from other theme parks is, of course, its lego-themed displays. Miniland USA has mini-displays of famous landmarks of the USA made up of almost 20 million lego bricks. Star Wars Miniland portray scenes from the movie franchise all in lego bricks. There are over 60 rides with four roller coasters and eight water rides. Don’t worry if it seems too overwhelming; if you’re a parent with kids in tow, access the website and filter the rides according to height requirement and whether an adult is needed. That should help narrow down the choices for you. Its most famous rides though are the Sky Cruiser, Lego Technic rides, Kingdom of Adventure, and Bionic Blaster. There are going to be lines especially in the Sky Cruiser so to try to avoid the crowds as much as possible, plan you visit on a weekday. Right when the park opens, you can catch rides without any lines.

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To get there by public transportation, the closest stations are Carlsbad Poinsettia Station and Carlsbad Village Station. From these stations, you can go the park by cab. By air, Carlsbad Airport is only 3 miles from the park.

The park offers several ticket options and passes that you can choose from depending on the length of your stay, frequency of your visit, and the activities that you want to do. A one-day admission pass at Legoland starts at $95 for adults (13+ years up) and at $89 for children 3 to 12 years old but prices are normally lower when bought online and not on the day of visit. A two-day pass with access to Sea Life Aquarium is $94 for children up to 12 years old and $100 for adults. If you want to include access to the waterpark, it will be $99 for kids up to 12 and $105 for adults. A Legoland Hotel overnight stay with a 2-day Legoland pass and Sea Life tickets are offered at $104 for every person. There are also annual passes that start at $159. For tourists looking at enjoying the theme parks in South California, the city pass that is offered at $337 may be the best option.Legoland is one of those parks where both young and old can truly enjoy.


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