Biography of Lenny Dykstra: Personal Life of Baseball Star

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Baseball is one of the most celebrated sport activities not only in America but all over the world as history is made almost on a daily and legends are born. Lenny Dykstra is a player who has not only contributed to the game but has also cemented his name in the history of baseball. Lenny Dykstra Bio: Lenny (55) whose full names are Leonard Kyle Dykstra was born on February 10th 1963 in Santa Ana, California. Lenny’s talent in baseball was always visible as he was signed by The Mets as a 13th round draft pick in the year 1981 and in 1983, he led the Carolina League as a star in the minors in at-bats, runs, hits, triples, battling average and stolen bases. In that same season, he proved himself worthy when he hit .358 with 8HR, 81 RBI, 105 stolen bases which was a league record that lasted 17 years as well as 107 walks and only 35 strikeouts. All these feats earned him the Carolina League’s MVP, and this made him one of Met’s prized prospects.

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According to Billy Beane a team mate and friend of Lenny, Dykstra was perfectly designed, emotionally’’ to play the game of baseball and also added that Lenny had no concept of failure.’’ After proving himself in 1985, he was promoted to the major leagues to play for the Mets after the team’s starting centre fielder, Mookie Wilson, was out of play. As usual Lenny proved himself worthy of the task and replaced Mookie the following season due to an eye injury sustained by the centre fielder. The defining moment of Dykstra’s career came when he made a walk-off home run in the 1998 NLCS over Houston Astros, the home run earned him a spot in the Met hall of fame alongside Tommie Agee and Wayne Gareth who also made similar home runs in 1969 and 1973 World Series respectively.

Lenny continued to play for The Mets until the team traded him to the Philadelphia Phillies. The trade to the Phillies made Lenny upset because he enjoyed playing in New York but soon adjusted in Philly as he became a fan favourite there. His stay in Philly were filled with ups and downs as he was out of play sometimes due to one injury or the other but in 1993 the Phillies team won the pennant at the National League east with Lenny setting yet another record of 773 plate appearances. Lenny continued his career up to 1996 with him being out of play mostly due to injuries. Apart from baseball, Lenny has ventured into businesses; he once owned a car wash business which was located in Simi Valley, California, he has also served as president of various private companies. Dykstra also had series of legal issues and even served jail terms.

On 28th June 2016, Lenny released an autobiography titled House of Nails: A Memoir of Life on the Edge which was No. 11 on the list of the New York Times non-fiction bestseller on July 17th, 2016.

Wife (terry) and sons: Terry peel is the wife of NBL star Lenny Dykstra, they have been married since 1985 few months after his major league debut with the New York Mets. The two met while Lenny was a player for a Mets minor-league. Together, the couple are parents of three sons, Cutter who plays for the Washington Nationals, Luke who is also a player with the St. Louis Cardinals and Gavin Dykstra. Cutter’s relationship with actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler produced Beau Kyle Dykstra, Lenny’s grandson who was born in August 2013. In 2009, after 25 years of marriage, Terry Dykstra filed for divorce and stated during the divorce proceedings that she hadn’t had a job for over two decades. Based on information from her social media, Terri is apparently working at Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery and is currently residing in Westlake Village, California.

Body features: Lenny is averagely built with a height of 5ft 10in(178cm) and he weighs 72.6kg(160lbs) and has blonde hair.

Networth: As at 2018, Lenny Dykstra’s net worth was $25million.

Current location: After Lenny’s release from the Federal Penitentiary in Victorville, California in 2013 having served six and one half months of jail term. In April 2014, he finished his probation and had gone through weekly drug testing. He currently lives with Terri, his ex-0wife who reveals that she has no intentions to remarry him. Recently on 23rd of May 2018, Lenny was arrested for uttering terroristic threats and drug possession. He was alleged to have held his Uber driver at gun point after the driver refused to change destinations.

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