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Not just raise your performance level in your work but also eyebrows around with the new faster than the predecessor, the 8th gen ThinkPad T480. When looked closely, the laptop doesn’t look an inch different from the previous ones but it comes with the latest processor and advanced features. Seamlessly put together as a 14-inch laptop, it provides a great business experience.

If you want to see the right example of a system, which meets functions, then this ThinkPad T480 is the one. The latest T-series offers new USB-C docking connection along with enough ports options. Before we take you through the details of what and what not the new laptop offers, let us tell you that the well-known ThinkPad keyboard also has a backlit option so a person can easily work in low-light conditions too.

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Design And Battery

Retaining the same tough boxy look with soft-touch feel on the outside, in the inside, it retains the same luxurious feeling of the keyboard as ThinkPad’s specialty to boost over. The bulky looking ultra book laptop carries the same dimension as the previous ones. ThinkPad T480 has stuck to the roots of its traditional design making it resistant to humidity, shock, vibration, dust and even extreme temperature.

A compact design, lighter by around 2 kg with the same thickness of 0.72 inches, the newly launched ThinkPad is good to go option for business. The best part about this one is that it allows hot swapping wherein you can easily swap the external battery without switching off the laptop as the internal battery (24Wh) helps to keep the pc powered. You can easily upgrade the external battery to 48Wh or 72Wh. This means that you can double the battery capacity to what it is providing originally. This helps in increasing the battery backpack factor with multiple apps like Photoshop, browser, word, and others opened together. The type C adaptor helps in fast charging. With the help of built-in Power Bridge Technology, it also helps to say no to low battery warnings. One can easily work without any worry when on the road, traveling or away from the power plug.

Other important ports provided are HDMI ports, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 port each, LAN port, mono audio jack and an SD card reader. The design of the ThinkPad is pretty standard with its power button given on the top-right of the keyboard and along the bottom right is a fingerprint sensor for Windows Hello. TrackPoint for navigation is also provided between the G, H And B Keys.


When we say the ThinkPad T480 is a perfect pack for business, we just not mean by the good battery backup and soft keypad feel, but also by the display screen it posses. With its rich 14-inch display, T480 screen looks colorful and bright. One can choose between two variant in 1366 x 768 or 2560 x 1440, respectively. It also has the touchscreen with 1080 p model, which can be of use and is an optional feature with HD resolution. So one can have fun with the touchscreen during the downtime and can interact more instinctively during work hours as well.

The screen is also designed in such a way that it won’t crack easily. Even if it misses the glossy display due to the matt look and finish, it still goes with the image of a business laptop that it portrays. When you have been using different ThinkPad’s, you will realize that the plastic keys are not as pleasant to touch and use as it is with other material keypads. Nevertheless, the excellent durable keyboard is still one of the attractive spots of the ThinkPad.

The IR camera provided for facial recognition is the ideal feature to save time to log on to the laptop without asking for any additional action. Another very important feature, which ThinkPad has included in all the models this year, is a built-in privacy guard named as ThinkShutter. You can slide open the shutter when the camera needs to be used and close it when not in use. You can choose between ThinkShutter and IR Camera, as both are not configured at the same time. Overall, the display and features are designed to call it a durable laptop. It is exactly made to suffice the needs of the businessperson with the right price tag.


ThinkPad T480 works in an out of the box fashion, especially for the business purpose. Overall, an excellent machine with a great speed, which includes a dozen tabs open at any time along with working on other apps like Photoshop, Skype etc. Nevertheless, it performs brilliantly with the daily work without any glitch.

To maintain the data security, T480 carries a hardware-backed dTPM encryption to add a next level to the data security. It plugs all the encryption holes, which remains intact with the software, thereby safeguarding no password or key goes unencrypted on the Internet or network and upholds from virus strikers too.

Lenovo ThinkPad T480 offers a brilliant battery life than seen in most of the thin laptops available in the market. The level of security it showcases is generally seen in an expensive variant of business laptops.

It is a workhorse, which is designed to do what you command it to do. The different feature set like the hot-swappable battery feature, the no worry to put a tape on the webcam due to its Think Shutter privacy guard, the USB Type- C charging port, 8th Gen quad-core processors, IR camera for Windows Hello and many others make it an excellent choice.

Hence, this fast window machine is a delight to use by any person to fulfill business needs. We can say it makes it one of the best business laptops you can buy in the starting range of Rs. 69000. And above all, the one-year worldwide warranty gives the extra peace of mind that every owner ought to enjoy.

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