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Let's Be More Thankful

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Thanksgiving is a great appreciation of a good deed from the only good God. It is a joyful expression which springs out from the heart. For most Christians, Thanksgiving is meant for those who have everything going well for them. Most times, we take God’s blessings for granted. The fact we are able to see the day, live in divine health, peace of mind, divine favor, the mercy of God, and God’s provision. All these are things we should be thankful for. Thanksgiving is very vital in the life of any believer because it pleases God.

There is no limit to Thanksgiving, we thank God for everything in our life. As believers, you will agree with me that God has been faithful to us and only Him alone desire our praise. Thanksgiving moves God to do more even more than He has done. It will be nice to see Christians complain less about their current situation or envy others with their lands and gold without counting their blessings and be thankful for it. Whenever we thank God, we let Him know we are nothing without Him. It simply means nothing in life is gotten by except by the power of God. Jesus lived a life of thanksgiving while he was on earth. He thanked God even when he was being humiliated by those he loved. Thanksgiving is very important to God and that is why He commands His children to have a heart of gratitude. Come to think of it, is it not normal to be thankful to anyone that has been there for you? God has given us reasons to be thankful.

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Why thank God

  • For what He has done for us individually or collectively.
  • We thank Him because of His awesome works.
  • Salvation of our souls, God offered what was most precious to Him.
  • Justification of our soul
  • For who He is
  • For eternal life
  • For answer prayers
  • His protection, mercy, kindness, and favor
  • For inner peace
  • Divine health

There are ways to be thankful to God and show appreciation for the things He has done. There is no method of thanking God. You can do it whenever you want, and whichever way you want. Here are some mode of thanksgiving. God sees the heart so the most thing important thing is the motive behind your Thanksgiving.

Praise: Oh! David! The Psalmist knew how to praise God and God called him the man after His own heart. Praise can do wonders to God and man. There is nothing that makes me so happy whenever I hear someone say thank you. It gives me joy. There’s an adage in my local dialect that says when you praise a great warrior, he will do more. Hence, praise is a response of worship. We praise God because we admire and love His abilities, for who he is, what he has done and things he will still do. Praise to God shows how appreciative we are of His deeds. It simply means we are giving honor to whom honor is due. We acknowledge God is the reason for our existence and without Him we are nothing.


His commandments: A true believer of the word of God is motivated by gratitude which leads to obeying His commandments. Let me give you an example with an office setting, you have a boss who has been so good to you. He makes sure you have a good working condition, makes sure everything that is due to you comes as at when due then this same boss gives you an instruction on things to do of which is not out of the scope of your work, will you happily do it or not? Of course, you will gladly obey your boss not just because he is your boss and pays your salary, but because you love his personality and he treats you well. This is how it is with God. Our obedience to God is being motivated by gratitude. He has given us reasons to be motivated. We keep His commandments because we love and want to make him happy. Come to think of it, can we ever pay him for what he has done for us? We can never repay all His love, but we can keep His commandment as a way of thanksgiving.

Making out time for Him: Let me give another scenario; you have a friend that has been there for you whenever you need him. This friend doesn’t joke with anything that concerns you and everyone can attest to this fact. Now, will you not make out time for this said friend as a way of showing appreciation. Making out time for God is a way to appreciate Him for what He has done. You make out time from your busy schedule to pray, praise, worship, and serve Him. The truth is you can never be too busy for those you love. Some of us spend so much time watching the television, partying, hanging out but hardly spend 10 minutes with the creator. Making out time for God is a way of thanksgiving. It shows you have placed him high in your life and how much He means to you. God is interested in our personal relationship with Him. He wants us to spend time with Him and when we do that it shows we are thankful.

Using Instruments: if music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it… Twelfth Night Act 1, scene 1 Music is sweet for the soul. I love good Christian music. It connects me with God more than anything. Good harmony dedicated to God is a way of thanking Him for all He has done. Music can trigger emotions. Hence, music gives our praise emotion. A musical instrument is a vital form of thanksgiving. David sang and danced unto the Lord. Music has the power to provoke thoughts.

Showing love to others: One of the ways to be thankful to God is when we show love to others by helping those in need, forgive those that have wronged us in one way or the other, volunteer to help those in crisis, freely serve with the talent He has given us, and also pray for others. When we do any of these, it shows we are giving back what has been given to us. It shows our heart is full of gratitude. Thanksgiving to God is to serve Him and to serve Him we also need to serve others. Only a heart full of gratitude can show love to others. # In conclusion, God is working in ways we cannot understand if only we can see with our spiritual eyes then we’d understand He truly deserves our praise. There’s always to thank the lord!


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