Let's Talk About Depression and Its Symptoms

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Depression can be prevented if its symptoms are addressed early and effectively. The aim of this research paper is to explain how depression affects work performance. Depression is a mood disorder that causes a feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It affects how you feel, think and behave towards people and it can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. Additionally, the research suggests that the work impact of depression is related to symptom severity and that it reduces the adverse work outcomes of depression.

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Depression in workplace is currently a growing concern around the world because it does not only affect many individuals health but also the organizations productivity. Depression is a serious issue and it is not just about having a bad day. It can affect how a person acts, feels and it can decrease their ability to function well at work. Your thought patterns will determine your emotions. If you are going through depression, it is a daily fight to convert your negative thoughts into a positive mindset. As Robert Burton said, “Some make a question whether the diseases of the mind or body be more grievous, but there is no comparison, no doubt to be made of it, the diseases of the mind are far more grievous… body and soul is misaffected here but the soul especially” he wrote. For all his understanding of depression, Robert Burton still separated the diseases of the mind from those of the body. He suffered from depression himself and more importantly, he noted that depression was painful and serious disease. Depression is one of the emotional problem that many people are facing nowadays. It is a serious disorder that also affects the way a person or an individual eats and sleeps, the way one feels about oneself, and the way one thinks about certain things. People with depression cannot merely pull themselves together and get better. However, it does not only affect work performance but it can also occur in people who have problems with their family. People who have low self-esteem, who consistently view themselves and the world with negativity and depression or who are overwhelmed by stress, are most likely prone to depression. There are negative effects of depression in workers. Depression tends to affect people that work in their working years and may last a lifetime if untreated. Most people will be affected by depression in their lives either directly or indirectly. Depression in work performance may be more common than people because of the high stress produced while working. For people that are going through depression, however, it is something they keep to themselves and it can lead to a more serious disorder. Though many people with depression tend to struggle with sadness or going through depression, it is in itself a serious mental health problem.

One of the largest source of anxiety or depression at work is your income. Some people cannot provide for their family because of their income at work. Having a low income is a serious problem at work because most people would not be able to provide for their family needs. People work for money, they use most of their money to pay for their rent or mortgage. They are constantly worrying about losing their job. Low income causes depression by forcing you to do a job you cannot stand in order for you to supply income for yourself and your family. Many people that work worry about getting fired from their job like how students worry about failing exams. Depression in this context is not about losing control or freedom, it is about having no options. Therefore, people who are afraid to quit their jobs due to financial reasons can quit and apply for another job if they know that their workplace is toxic.

Another reason on how depression affects your work performance is the work environment. A toxic work environment that many workers are facing everyday can negatively affects their state of mind. It is the work environment and the feeling of being treated different or unfairly has the greatest effect on an employee’s mood. Most employees only care about themselves and making profits. For instance, you are sitting there with a group of people and some of them are talking about things which other people haven’t heard of. Poor communication is a serious problem that also many workers are going through nowadays. In order to work effectively, you need effective communication. The impact that a toxic work environment can have on your health is very real. Working in an environment where your co-workers or employees seems to mute your talents and self-worth can lead to a feeling of sadness or depression. A toxic work environment can be stressful, but it can also cause you to have anxiety. It could mean that your job does not really support a healthy work or life balance.

Being controlled at your workplace contributes to developing depression. Your manager can be one of the main cause of depression affects work performance. The managers have to take massive risks to start a company. They make the tough choices and have to pay their workers regardless if the company generates any income or not. Most workers feel like they are unappreciated since they are removed from all the hardships that the manager had to traverse. Some workers feel like they could do good and that they do not need a manager because they are so ignorant about so many things at work. It is not a big workload that causes depression at work. An unfair boss or manager and an unfair work environment are what really bring most employees down. The reality is that most people live miserable lives but only a few knows to escape from it. The goal is not to run away from your circumstance but rather to learn from it and make the most of it until a better situation arises either through your own efforts or through what the universe unfolds for you.

In conclusion, depression is not something that most people can easily get away from. As Robert Packard stated, “Depression exists as surely as does cancer and, for its victims, is no less real.” He argues that depression can grow and spread throughout one’s life in the same way as cancer, and that depression can have the same life threatening as consequences as cancer. Depression does affect your work performance in so various ways. You cannot control your job but you can control your mindset towards it. Life will never be easy and reality is very much different. The only option to stop getting depressed at work is simply picking a job you like and doing it knowing that your work is valued not only by others but by yourself. Have some self-respect for yourself and everything will work well. Choose your field of work wisely. Depression can interfere with a person’s ability to function well in daily life. Everyone feels down and discouraged from time to time. Depression affects work performance in numerous ways because it is your thoughts that is struggling mentally in a person’s mind. The human brain is suggested to not overthink because most people get anxiety and depression from it. So when you are depressed and have so much on your mind, you will not be able to focus well on your work because you are worried about other things. That is how many people struggle and tend to not perform at work.                      

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