Letter of Motivation to Pursue My Masters in International Business

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Aspiration and inspiration are most instrumental to any success. Throughout my education, I made sure that I never fell short of these in my pursuit of excellence. Since my school days, I had a lot of interest in Mathematics and Computers. Problem solving enthralled me a lot and both subjects offered ample challenges to fascinate me. After 12th standard I was asked to choose Science or Engineering discipline where I chose Computer science which is also known as Science of doing business through networking and computers. This sophisticated my interest to take Computer Science as my major in my undergraduate studies.

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My undergraduate education at NRI Institute of Technology has provided me with a strong and comprehensive background in Computer Science. My keen interest in this direction was another positive point, which gave me an edge above other students. I excelled it with First Class (68.89%) though there were others who scored better than me but I was appreciated for the depth and clarity of my knowledge. I have done my final year major project titled “MIRROR OF MINE” was based entirely on the concepts I learnt during my undergraduate study. But Completion of this project required a new programming language “JAVAFX” which was not taught in our college. This was my first step towards learning a new language on my own without any guidance. I completed my project and the output matched my expectations. This project has given me the much needed exposure to the practical side of the theory. Here, I got an opportunity to work on different software technologies, which aroused zeal to strengthen further my software concepts and explore new ideas. During my project I gained exposure to Cost Estimation, Resource Allocation and Documentation. This is the point where I decided to explore this field of study.

I started visiting many business expos for knowing more about this field. There was an expo n Amaravathi Expo for New Industrial Entrepreneurs where there was a chance for an interactions with many international delegates from different business firms as well as young entrepreneurs who gave me a clarity of thought regarding the coexistence of my technical knowledge as well as my interest in the business field. This expo strengthened my views of pursuing my masters in International Business. As far as my knowledge is concerned for running any successful business the idea of proper financing and managing sales must be balanced. Their area of application is endless as our necessities are enlarging every day. Today every medium or large scale business house considers advantage doing business outside the boundary of the country for which experienced & with international exposures, business administrators are always on priority and given privilege everywhere.

I choose Germany because I feel the structure of teaching in Germany builds a concrete bridge between the concepts in theory and its implementations in real life, which I firmly believe to be an important aspect that a Manager should consider. Quality and standards of education is high in Germany and German degree has high acceptance rate all over the world. I will also get some international market exposure and will get an opportunity to study one of the world’s largest euro markets.

I personally feel that the present standards of my knowledge are not enough to secure my dream job, so I decided to pursue my masters in International Business. I have realized that doing a Master’s degree in International School of Management is the best option for me to channelize my goals. The course in this school has the perfectly tailored curriculum for my needs. I particularly choose International School of Management, because the course outcomes of each semester matches with the subject that I want to learn and live case studies will help me gain the required practical knowledge. They also have a better collaboration with leading institutions all over world, and their partner networks that provide many benefits to the students for better understanding of subject.

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