Lettuce as a Source of Vitamins

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A good plate of lettuce is good all year round. In the fridge, and also in supermarkets, it is essential to find lettuce, in any of its variants.

We could say that, over the years, lettuce has made a silent revolution: it has diversified the world by forced marches. There are more and more types and there are more and more dishes. Not only does the salad carry lettuce, we can find it liquefied and turned into soup, crushed to make cream or as in the East, to wrap a filling. The difference between buying whole lettuce or a bag should be taken into account. It is becoming less common to see buying a complete lettuce, with all its branches.

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Supermarkets have ended up offering ready-made bags or trays and restaurants and individuals have fallen into the temptation of buying them or offering them to the public. There are many who think that buying this bag end up earning economically, but nothing is further from reality. A whole lettuce has more freshness, more vitamins and does not contain an inert gas. In addition, it ends up being cheaper than the bag that you have to throw in two or three days.

We can find several types of lettuce. Depending on the dish you want to make it is advisable to use one type or another.

  • Oak Leaf. To color the varied salads. It has a crisp, firm and curly blade. It has a strong texture and provides a sweet taste on the plate.
  • Escarole. A lettuce of fine and tasty flavor, with a buttery texture and thin leaves, which makes it suitable for eating it raw, in salads, fillings, wrappings ... Few calories and lots of water.
  • Endive. A winter plant with leaves of a light green color and a rather bitter taste. It can be smooth or curly, like angel hair.
  • Roman or long. The most typical lettuce. A lettuce with elongated leaves, with the whole edges and a wide, white and crunchy central nerve. For salads and sandwiches.
  • Wonder. To give flavor and color to salads. With wavy leaves, with curly and consistent edges, which form a rounded and dense hair.
  • Iceberg. A good proposal for garnishes and shrimp cocktails. With the long rounded and crunchy leaves, it has a compact ball shape. It is very resistant to cold.
  • Trocadero or French. A rounded variety, with soft and scattered leaves, fleshy appearance, smooth and wavy edges and little crunch, and a central nerve little developed.

How to best conserve lettuce

This is one of the questions we usually ask ourselves. I leave you a series of tips so that you can buy and conserve the lettuce better. If rules are not followed, it can be damaged right away. From the start, let it be very fresh. That it is not withered and that it even has water droplets (of origin, it is understood). The more green, the better. The outer leaves are tastier and healthier. Keep the lettuce in the refrigerator without touching the walls, in the least cold area and inside a bag. Little by little, start taking out the leaves that are necessary, and the rest should continue whole in the fridge. Wash it all at once and put it in the fridge will activate the oxidation and we do not want that to happen. To minimize it, pull its leaves with your hands and not cut them. If you decide to use a knife, make it ceramic (or plastic). The metal oxidizes. Do not leave the leaves soaking. Wash one by one and then dry it. Dress the moment. If you do it before, the acid in the vinegar will wither it.

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