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LGBT Community Fight for Their Rights

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Have you ever encountered a person who speaks ill about someone but doesn’t want to feel inferior? Or have you encountered someone who fought for their rights but degrade the rights of other people? We live in a world wherein people show how hypocrite they are. They dictate the people about the things they should be doing and also the things they shouldn’t be doing but hypocrite themselves couldn’t apply all of it for their own. Hypocrites wanted to correct the wrong doings of the other but hypocrite themselves can’t even see or admit their own fault. There’s a quote saying “The true hypocrite is the one who cease to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity.”

We all know that LGBT community has been fighting for their rights ever since it was established. They wanted to be treated “equally”. They want “acceptance” from the society where they live. And now, even though the progress is slow, it’s evidently obvious. Different countries are learning to embrace their differences in various ways. Yes, the LGBT is progressing and there are somehow changes. But here’s the catch, why do some members of LGBT Community can’t accept opinions coming from conservative groups? Why do they keep on confining people that what they are trying to fight for is the only right thing there is? They wanted to be respected but some of them act that they are showing is contradicting the things they want to happen upon themselves. They want their opinions or views to be accepted but they couldn’t accept the opinions or views from conservative groups.

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Some members of the LGBT Community couldn’t accept opinions from others or from conservative groups because they feel downgraded whenever they hear criticism. They feel aggravated whenever they couldn’t take any longer the perspective of the other and because of this, they throw cruel statements without thinking if they could hurt other people. It is alright if you fight for what you think is right but not to the extent of accepting no opinions. They want to earn respect but the way they act is something that people couldn’t see that they should be respected. We all know that LGBT Community celebrates their pride month by parades. Some of the members of LGBT Community, they use their sexuality as an excuse to do obnoxious things that causes them to be seed as “freaks” instead “people”. They are being too much when it comes to their freedom because they know that they are being accepted somehow that’s why they have the courage to whatever they want to express their sexuality.

LGBT Community needs to learn how to accept more conservative opinions. According to Zane Goodell (2017) if the LGBT movement would try to raise up positive, loving conservative voices, it could do a lot to mend the divide between conservative and leftist cultures and allow people with homophobic views to learn that they are normal, perfectly reasonable people who only want to share love and respect. Let’s keep in our mind that do not do unto other what you do not want others do unto you. There’s a quote saying “one should examine oneself for a very long time before thinking of condemning others.” So you must not only look for yourself. Learn how to accept the truth and try to be a better version of yourself. The words that you are are uttering should be align with the actions you are making. Let’s try not to be hypocrite and try to be true to yourself.


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