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LGBT: Meaning And History

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LGBT is shorthand for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender. LGB refers to sexual orientation, it’s often describe as an attraction emotionally, sexually or romantically of men to women or women to men[Heterosexual],of men to men or women to women [Homosexual],or by men and women to both sexes[Bisexual]. The T refers to transgender or is a umbrella term for people whose gender identies does not match to their sex which were assigned to them at the time of their birth. Lets be more clear about there terms

  • LESBIANA woman who is emotionally, sexually as well as romantically attracted to another woman
  • GAYA man who is emotionally, sexuall6y as well as romantically attracted to another man.
  • BISEXUALA person who is emotionally, sexually as well as romantically attracted to both the sexes i. e. , male and female both.
  • TRANSGENDER Its as umbrella term used for people whose gender identies does not match to their sex which were assigned to them at the time of their birth.

Just like every political party has a symbol for uniqueness, LGBT community too has a symbol especially the rainbow or rainbow flag. There are many types of flag to represent the subdivision under this but rainbow flag is most commonly used. Each colour represents a value in the community i. e. , pink stand for sexuality, red stands for life, orange stands for healing, yellow stands for the sun, green stands for nature, blue stands for art, indigo stands for harmony and violet stands for spirit.

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LGBT stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender


Problems faced by people belonging to these communities are much beyond our thinking. The main problem is acceptance, they are not accepted by the society actually they are not accepted by their own families only. India is a deeply religious country and at the same time it’s a society which has accepted non religious communities as well. In ancient India there was place for every culture, arts, literature. We have temples like Konak and Jagganath Puri which have purely stricken religious painting and on the other hand we also have monuments like khajuharo which is famous world wide for its erotic arts and sculptures, it also include scriptures with homosexual activities. This tell that all type of sexual orientation(homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual) were in past but also that people were broad minded that the painting and sculptures showing love-making of same sex were freely made and displayed. But our so called modern society has problem with these they have become so intolerant, they are not ready to accept anything which is against their belief or against their perceptions.

Every year thousand of people gather in the month of feburary to protest and take out marches and rallies so that they can be accepted by people in every state of india. Today youth is educated and more liberal and is accepting homosexuality and queer identies than before but acceptance still remains a constant struggle. They are facing discrimination every where be in school, families, colleges, working place, social gathering and so on. We are living in 21 century but still people are afraid to come out, they are scared that society will not accept them due to which they are living dual life. Just like food, shelter and water, sexual need is also the basic need of a human being without which life cannot be enjoyed and live to its fullest. Many countries has decriminalized same sex marriage because they have understood that everyone has the right to love, and marriage is about love i. e. , to marry someone whom you love irrespective if his sex.

Problems Analysis

Problem analysis is what we can solve out of the problems and the problems people are facing and how this can made balance between them. To help them ( people belonging to LGBT community) you first need to be sure that are you ready to help them and will u except in public that my brother or sister or friend is gay/ lesbian/ transgender/ bisexual/ queer. If not its better you should back off because if you are not confident, how will u help them. If you are a homosexual and struggling for identify, acceptance in society you should realize that it has nothing to do with you. You should not be ashamed of your sexuality or that why I was born like this? Why it is happening to me? You should not also be scared of this so called modern society. What you need to do is that, you should surround yourself with supportive people. People who will understand you, or help you to overcome your stigma, and make you feel comfortable. You can also go to some mental health counselor for your help if you are suffering from anxiety, stress. You need someone to help you or guide you and maybe a adult or counselor can help you. And most importantly you have to realize that it has nothing, nothing to do with you. Your sexual orientation is your personal matter, no one has the right to talk about it. You should also join some groups of LGBT community cause you will realize that you are not alone in this world.

People like you are fighting everyday for their identity and recognization and acceptance in society and they know that eventually they will succeed . If you have a friend who is homosexual and you want to help him. All you need is to help him from your heart. You should realize this that if they are telling you that they are homosexual, they trust you. You should be a good listener and listen to them without judging them or making any comments and try to put youself in their shoes. You should be loud enough and fell proud to support them. Obviously straight people still fear that if they will help LGBT community or will take part in their rally or marches people will misunderstand them and will doubt hteir sexual orientation. Government should also play a important role, the first and the foremost thing they can do is to decriminalize homosexual. They should allow homosexual marriage. India is the latest country to decriminalize homosexuality (section 377 of Indian Penal Code). They should support LGBT community and take parts in their marches like Justin Turdeau, Canadian prime minister.


What I believe that just by decriminalizing homosexuality our work is not done. Lets take example of india, a few month back rainbow was a symbol of discrimination, crime, and hate. But now it’s a symbol of love, pride and acceptance. But our work is not ended here. Even to achieve this we have sacrificed a lot, endless march and rallies making world to accept them as who they are but their work is not completed here only. Now being homosexual is not criminal offence or homosexuality is no more criminalize in law eyes. But our society has not accepted this.

People are still revolting against the decision of law. Obviously we have crossed a big obstacle in our path but it’s just a starting, we still need to achieve a lot, we have to make our family, friends realize that there is nothing wrong in being a homosexual or bisexual or transgender. And the sooner they will understand or realize will be better for them. I do agree it will be difficult for parents of a single male child to accept that their child is a gay, even they won’t accept it ever. They will believe that he is sick and he just needs a treatment and he will be alright. But that’s not the truth, reality is being homosexual or bisexual or transgender is not a disease or choice.

We as an individual can help them by supporting them and making our parents, their parents, our friends realize that homosexuality is not a concept of western idea or tradition but it’s in India from ancient times. I fully support this community and fell proud to help them in any way I can. They are human just like us, blood and flesh is in their body as well as my, the only difference between us is our sexual orientation. And this not allow us to attack them or show any kind of decriminalization.


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