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Lgbt Movements And The ‘Pedosexual’ Movement

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In the past century, the world has witnessed a large range of liberties. These liberties may have been rejected by the society but through time and integration, we started to accept them and protect their rights. However, when it comes to the safety of our children, we need to raise our voices and take action against it.

Despite the efforts of the LGBT community to recognize them and protect their rights as individuals and human beings, yet there is still a significant amount of countries that deny rights to these people. If that movement caused a massive controversy around the whole world, then what’s the case with the new one? Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult experience a sexual attraction towards prepubescent children. However, there are few ongoing local movements that are pushing to legalize such acts and protect their rights. Pedophilia is not something uncommon in the world, in fact this occurs in parts of the Arab World and Africa, mostly for financial benefits of the parents. If we’re legalizing this disorder to the public, then why would we not allow people with trisomy 21 disorder to drive cars? In the past, the LGBT community were diagnosed as mentally unstable, until research has shown that it’s not a disease or mental illness. Though even with these scientific researches, it took a really long time for politicians, media and the public to agree on their rights. Now we’re in a completely different scenario, where some individual and independent movements are pushing to legalize an activity that is caused by a disorder. Well then, how are we as parents and society supposed to act against that?

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In the beginning let’s analyze everything, and when we do, we will realize that LGBT movements and the ‘Pedosexual’ movement differs in 1 major thing, and that is age. Individuals within the LGBT community are at least adults who are capable of independently think for themselves and choose their destiny. However, in Pedosexuality only one party is an adult and even then that adult is diagnosed with a disorder, and the other party is an innocent child who has never experienced such a thing before. In spite of all of the efforts and law enforcements that were put to protect the rights of children and their safety in most countries of the world, yet children are sexually assaulted daily. In our society, it takes a really long time for an odd thing to integrate within the norms, however when it comes to our children’s safety, their future and their childhood, then even time cannot change it.

It might sound over exaggerating, but from members in the European Union Parliament to various other local independent movements, promoted Pedophilia as a part of the Sexual Revolution. These movements waved their banners under various slogans such as, “Love has no age!” and “Love is gender and age-blind”. These movements might remind some of us on how the homosexual movements arose, but as stated before the difference is age. They’ve also called out any non-supporter a Pedophobic and rejected to recognize the scientific claim of Pedophilia disorder. There has been a petition under the name of “Prevent the Pedosexual movement” which until today has raised 28,560 signatures, therefore if you truly care about your children then you have nothing to lose when you sign to support the petition. If the majority of the public is against this, then no matter what happens the government or human rights organization won’t pass a law legalizing the issue. Despite all of this, we need to realize one important thing, pedophilia is a disorder and can be cured. If we find a pedophile somewhere for the time being and possibly even in the future, taking into consideration it doesn’t get legalized, then we’re able to report them or convince them to seek help somewhere. If we instead of creeping them out and keeping them away from society try to talk, explain and help them out, then we can all agree on a solution that doesn’t involve legalizing this disorder, but instead curing it. This will not only serve our interests, but also integrate them into society and allows them to continue living their life in a happy and healthy way. Instead of looking for younglings, they will start a real family that is governed by adults. For now, you need to look after your children and insure their safety by your own.

Afterall not all child molesters are pedophiles and not all pedophiles are child molesters. Increase your child’s awareness of the surrounding, alert them and teach them what kind of actions to take when they’re stalked by an anonymous.


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