Libertarianism: Compared to Fascism and Socialism


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Argue that one political ideology is most persuasive and explain why. Defend this ideology in its own right, and by comparison to one (or more) less persuasive ideology.

Your answer should not be a partisan political diatribe. Rather it should contain reflective rational argumentation . Also, be sure to anticipate counterarguments of an opponent and reply to them.

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Your analysis should build on course material and apply it in a critical manner.

There are numerous political ideologies that are persuasive. I find the most persuasive one to be Libertarianism. This ideology maximizes freedom while maintaining governmental control on the basis of keeping everyone at peace by minimizing crime and corruption. Libertarianism is better than fascism and socialism for various reasons. Additionally, several well known philosophers believe that Libertarianism maximizes all good aspects of what a government should be doing.

Libertarianism is the most persuasive because the people value the individual’s freedom to choose. This is one simple liberty that many other ideologies fail to execute. “Liberals believe that human beings are, first and foremost, individuals endowed with reason. This implies that each individual should enjoy the maximum possible freedom consistent with a like freedom for all.” . Humans have at least a basic understanding of what it means to be able to make their own decisions rationally and want to do so freely. In addition, allowing people to make their own decisions allows for the best way of life possible. Although the quote is talking about liberals, libertarianism is immensely similar to liberalism when discussing freedom of choice. Both ideologies believe that the public should be free to make everyday decisions, or any decisions, on their own. They differ in the way that libertarians favor an even smaller government than liberals and do not believe that equality of classes is an integral part of their beliefs, but do believe in equal rights and doing what is best for the society as a whole.

Cost Benefit analysis is an integral part of trying to do what is best for the society, “Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) estimates and totals up the equivalent money value of the benefits and costs to the community of projects to establish whether they are worthwhile. Libertarianism is essentially Cost Benefit Analysis. For example, if a new law or policy would alter the way people interacted with each other or with the police, how they made purchases, etc. The law would change how people lived their everyday life and would be a big cost against it. There would also be costs that they could not account for. Libertarians believe that the government should not intervene in any disagreements unless it would result in a better outcome than not doing anything. This makes Libertarianism the best because the government weighs out the bad and good of certain situations and chooses the best possible outcome for the majority of the people. The people includes not only citizens of the country, but citizens of other countries or territories as well.

Fascism is one ideology that greatly differs from Libertarianism for the worse. One way they differ is in their views on religion. Libertarian governments are against forcing their people to be in any specific religion, or any religion for that matter. This is another reason why Libertarianism is the most persuasive ideology. Fascism also believes in the freedom to choose what you believe in but puts more pressure on the idea that all of their constituents believe in a superior being of some kind. A Fascist government would also intervene if a specific religion begins doing things that goes against their beliefs. Fascist governments are also opposed to any other types of government that may have different beliefs than them. “Fascism is definitely and absolutely opposed to the doctrines of liberalism, both in the political and the economic sphere.” Libertarian governments are similar to liberal governments, meaning fascist governments are also against Libertarianism as well. Fascisms focus on government helps to understand why they do not like liberal governments since they, as well as Libertarian governments focus on the people. If another type of government would help better the Libertarian government, then they would welcome the other state with open arms. The welcoming of other governments that better Libertarianism is another key reason why it is the most persuasive ideology.

Some may argue that fascism is good because they encourage everyday people to find ways to profit by any means possible, but ask their constituents to do what is best for the nation. A government that encourages the betterment of their people through personal growth in economic welfare is a better government than libertarianism, which does not care if their people decide to search for economic growth or would like to remain at the same level. The aspect they are ignoring is that a fascist government tries to control as many areas of economic growth for the country as possible, “The State, as conceived and realized by Fascism, is a spiritual and ethical entity for securing the political, juridical, and economic organization of the nation, an organization which in its origin and growth is a manifestation of the spirit.” Libertarians enjoy that their government is a minimal part of their everyday life, Fascism is the opposite. Fascist governments are an integrated part of the everyday life of their people and many people despise that.

Lastly, Fascist governments do what is best for their nation and do not care how it affects other countries. This could be anything from implementing a foreign policy that increases tax on imported goods to encourage their citizens to buy products made in the nation. A fascist government would also avoid any types of policies that would limit their ability to have economic growth, For example, climate change policies would regulate the amount of oil being pulled or the amount of fossil fuels being burned because it would hinder the amount of money they would have the ability to obtain from other countries if such policies were not implemented and they have the freedom to do whatever they please. This makes a Libertarian government a much better ideology because of the cost benefit analysis they go through that I discussed earlier and their ability to consider other countries as well.

Socialists would also agree that Fascists doing what is best for their society’s economic growth is doomed to fail but they are still not as good as Libertarianism, “…societies in which the pursuit of profit is the sole regulator of the productive system are threatened with as grievous-perhaps more grievous-catastrophes as are societies in which the profit motive has been entirely eliminated from the production-regulating forces.”Fascism does not have economic growth at the center of its core values, but it is a major component of how its system runs. The idea that a government will do all that it can to make a maximum net gain of profit is one that will not sit well with its people, especially is it is harming their daily life. This describes fascism since the government eventually takes over any big proponents of the economy. Libertarianist governments would never do this since they rarely intervene in economic matters.

A great example of why a government focused on economic profit does not work the best for the people is Bogota, Colombia. There were immense amounts of violence like homicides, robberies and assaults throughout 1995 in Bogota during which economic profit was at the forefront of their government’s plans. The government knew something needed to change and created a new system, “they are formulated with an intention different from the one prevalent in other cities of the continent, namely to prioritize social coexistence rather than economic profit” . From 1995-2005 the Governor of Bogota worked diligently to make their society feel like they are included and cared about. To do this they created sidewalks, a weekly system of street closures to allow cyclists to freely enjoy being there. Some places do not have weekly street closures, but do have big parks like Central Park and other leisure activities or destinations that people can visit to spend time with family or friends. Libertarianism has been at the forefront of inclusion and is one of the many reasons this ideology is the most persuasive one we have learned about in this class.

Socialism is another type of government that has some positive qualities, but is nothing compared to Libertarianism. Socialism is a good government in the sense that the government works to minimize racism, monopolies, unemployment and corruption. Libertarianism implements these as part of their core value of liberty, where anyone can be who they want to be without the fear of retaliation from another party. There are several ways in which Socialism is a bad government. A few examples of where Socialism fails is class struggle and an eventual turn to communism is common. While there may be class struggle in Libertarianism, it is not because of the government, it may be because of a heightened economy or the individual’s inability to find a job but with socialism, the class struggle is directly correlated to the government. Libertarianism ideology has found the best way to allow everyone to do what they believe is best and intervenes only when harm is being inflicted. Additionally, Libertarianism would never turn to communism because the government will never intervene and take away a citizen’s personal property to better the life of another citizen.

There are several philosophers who believe that Libertarianism is the best government, Robert Nozick being one example. Robert Nozick was originally born into a socialist view on life before going to school and meeting several people with Libertarian views. After discovering other beliefs from people from all over the world he finally had a description of what the best government would entail. First, it will have a minimal state with the ability to protect against corruption and crime such as theft and fraud. Fascism carries its pride in the idea of a strong state. Socialism also carries a strong government that creates a society where there is no private property. Other governments similarly have small amounts of power, but Libertarianism couples various other important aspects that others do not. The next aspect of a perfect government must implement is the state must not use its power to force one citizen to aid another and cannot use their power to force someone to do anything that they believe will be for their “own good” . Libertarianism’s core value is that the government interferes only when necessary and focuses on individual liberties. This means that if the government interfered with something, it definitely would not be on a single individual’s choice in their day to day life. The persuasion of this aspect is very strong.

Robert Nozick furthermore described Libertarianism specifically as the best ideology as well. In his book, Anarchy, State and Utopia, Nozick describes various theories and how they affect the way a government runs. He goes on to discuss how philosophers always explain what each ideology can do to make the perfect utopia but it is never that simple. Libertarianism is the one that is different, their focus on the individual’s freedom to make their life the bes it can be, it also allows them to make time to help make the country better as well, “unlike so many competing visions, libertarianism, Nozick argues, doesn’t aim at a utopia. Instead, it aims at a utopia of utopias. A libertarian state allows each of us to live not the best life as envisioned by a consensus of all, but the best life as each of us defines it.”. There are no other ideologies, according to Nozick that can make everyone happy like libertarianism can. He is not the only philosopher who believes that Libertarianism is the best either.

Thomas Hobbes, an English political philosopher who believed that the ruler’s power was absolute and should not be interfered with also believed Libertarianism is the best ideology through his description of what life should be like. He believed any government is better than what may result from a civil war within a country. Hobbes discussed in his book Leviathan, the natural laws every citizen should follow to maintain a successful and prosperous personal life which includes the Right of Nature, “The RIGHT OF NATURE, which Writers commonly call Jus Naturale, is the Liberty each man hath, to use his own power, as he will himselfe, for the preservation of his own Nature; that is to say, of his own Life; and consequently, of doing any thing, which in his own Judgement, and Reason, hee shall conceive to be the aptest means thereunto.” The fact that Hobbes describes the Right of Nature as one thing all humans should have, even though there are plenty of ideologies that do not allow the freedom of individual choice and should not be fought against proves that Libertarianism is better from the beginning. The allowance of this basic right is at the forefront of Libertarianism and would not be tampered with.

While many ideologies make compelling arguments about why they are the best ideology, none do as good of a job as Libertarianism does. A humans innate desire to make decisions on their own, equal rights, along with having the freedom to go about their daily life without fear or governmental obstruction is one of the many reasons Libertarianism is favored. When compared to Fascism and Socialism, both fall short to the abilities Libertarianism has to keep its citizens happy. This is also seen by various philosophers, including Nozick and Hobbes. Nozick describes in great detail why Libertarianism specifically creates the ultimate utopia of utopias in his book. Hobbes, in contrast, describes some natural liberties among humans and explains that they should not be tampered with or infringed. His descriptions describe what a Libertarian society strives for while making it clear that if any government does this, it should not be challenged. All of these reasons give enough evidence to show that Libertarianism is the most persuasive form of government.

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