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Liberty, Equality Or Matriarchy in Pakistan

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Misogyny is not a common practice, mostly if not wholly, in this region of the sphere. Being a Muslim, primarily the locale corroborates phylogeny in the form of mother, daughter, sister, wife and so on. In our homeland the dame is in majority by 51% and doubtlessly more than 75% of this 51% are getting “ladies first” treatment. Let’s take the example of any public queue in Pakistan, women are always exempted of getting in line.

In any public transport about 90 out of 100 times they will be offered with a seating place from a gentleman and it’s completely antipode in case of men. You surely have never seen women leaving a seat for a man in any public place. There definitely are black sheep everywhere not only in this world but in this universe. You take “Satan” for instance, who asperse the rest. Contemplating the conception, liberty is there for female fraternity of Pakistan. There is a quota specified for women in government jobs, women are getting equal wages in almost all jobs. A whole lot of NGOs are working where there are problems for women.

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Part of the unenlightened fraternities still act like dwellers of Stone Age treating women like skivvies. The stigma is that no campaign of women rights emerges or proliferates there and that is where most of the victims are. There men want a female gynecologist but will never allow education to their girls. It’s unsuitable to footnote the swathes of our country but still where there is illiteracy there is unquestionably problems for women. Plainly, indigenous women as well as feminists of the country are not courageous enough to go against men or hold a protest or start a campaign there. UN says: “Women are half the world’s people; perform two thirds of the world’s working hours; receive one tenth of the world’s income; and own only one hundredth of the world’s property”.Our women are in a dilemma, misreckoning the Western counterparts. Not knowing the crux of Westerly women campaigns, they are demanding matriarchy. Recently a demonstration has been held out in Pakistan by so called feminists of the country depicting the inappropriate content via placards. It was more like an outing for them. It was criticized by men and by women as well, from all walks of life. It was unperceivable that why does a woman need to ride a bicycle in such an era of easy access to honorable means of travelling.

Our government, slowly but incessantly, is making laws in favor of women. A woman is safer now than ever before. Woman harassment act is passed by our parliamentarians not a long time ago. The ratio of female students is flourishing steadily and all of this has happened by the graceful ladies who are not on roads getting rebellious about their status. They have done it by their wisdom and determination.

We need to realize that we live in “ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN”. Everyone knows that a Muslim woman gets more veneration than woman of any other religion. There is a reason behind veiling of a female in Islam. There is a reason for putting nirvana beneath a mother’s feet. There is a reason for rewarding a father with heaven if he nurtures his daughter well. Certainly, Islam never backs matriarchy and the least undeniable sanity behind this might be the safety and sacredness of women so it definitely should be kept.


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