Life and Career of Jimmy Carter

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  • Childhood
  • After Graduation
  • Political Career


The president I will be talking about is Jimmy Carter. He was very unique president! So here is his history! It started In 10/1/1924 in the city of Plains in the state of Georgia where the 39th president of the US was born, Jimmy Carter, Jr.

He was the first president to be born in a hospital. His Father James Carter owned a peanut farm & a local store with his mother. Bessie Gordy was also a nurse. Jimmy had 2 sisters and 1 brother. When Jimmy Carter was 4, the family moved to Archery, a town around just 2 miles away from his home city. This town had very low population and used mule-drawn wagons to get around. Transportation, electricity and indoor plumbing were very uncommon in Archery. Jimmy pretty much lift a little hard childhood. But it was worth it when he was growing up.

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Growing up, Carter liked to study and avoided trouble. He was a very fast reader and he can read like 2000 words per minute! He is also very talented at Basketball. He is a Basketball player and still is to this day! He was a very special boy. Speaking of that, he was the first person from his dad side of the family to graduate! Jimmy began working at his father's store at the age of 10. His favorite fun hobby was sitting with his father in the evenings, listening to baseball games and politics on the battery-operated radio. Just like any other political boy like him!

After Graduation

Once he graduated from high school he went to a U.S Naval Academy in a city in Maryland: Annapolis. He passed the navy and work on submarines and even including new nuclear powered submarines! In 1946 he married a girl name Roselyn Smith which he knew since Elementary or Middle school. They had 4 children, they are Amie Carter, Jack Carter, Donnel Carter, James Carter. They are alive to this day! One of his child has his name, that's very cute!

Political Career

Jimmy surprisingly loved the Navy! So he planned to have a career there until his father died. His Father died at year 1953. He did it to help his family and children. He was a publical businessman, Jimmy decided to be involved in Politics. He was even governor of Georgia in 1971-1975, impressive! As a local businessman, Carter became involved in politics and later became governor of Georgia from 1971 to 1975. He was called to end racism segregation and a number of minorities into states places. Carter used his business to reduce the size of the government by cutting prices and efficiency that are high. Carter moved forward and ran for president a year after he wasn't governor of Georgia (1976) He won the the election and beaten Regan. He Served for a long time. At 1977 he was president and ended at 1981. He is the earliest living president as well! His presidency will never be forgotten. Then, He establish a department of energy. He also make a department for education. He Paranoid citizens who were fighting in the Vietnam war to help through the world. His biggest success was when he brought Israel and Egypt to sign a peace treaty called Camp David Accords. They are still at peace at this very day! He left the office early as well! He was a great man!

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