Life and Rapper Career of Juice World

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Life And Rapper Career Of Juice World

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Juice Wrld is an American popular rapper, singer and songwriter whose breakout song All Girls Are the Same scored him a $3 million record deal. Known for his genre-wide style of music, Juice Wrld has released other songs including Legends and Lucid Dreams. His music encompasses not only hip hop, but RnB, emo rap, SoundCloud and cloud rap as well as. Juice Wrld is currently posited among the fast rising artistes, waiting to take the world by storm.

Jarad Higgins was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 2, 1998. His parents got divorced when he was at the age of three, thus, Wrld was raised by his mother along with his older brother.He attended Homewood-Flossmoor High School after the family moved to Homewood, Illinois and grew up listening to rock and pop music since his religious and conservative mother wouldn’t let him listen to hip hop. He took piano, guitar and drum lessons and played the trumpet for band class as a kid.All these grew his passion for music and propelled the course of his career in entertainment.

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Juice Wrld took interest in rapping at freshman year of high school but started taking it more seriously in his sophomore year. He first used the name Juicethekidd on his first track Forever, which was released on SoundCloud in 2015. He later adopted his current stage name, Juice Wrld, inspired by his admiration of late rapper Tupac Shakur and the movie Juice – which also featured Janet Jackson. According to him, the name represents taking over the world.

Wrld uploaded majority of his tracts on SoundCloud via his cell phone, during his sophomore year in high school. His passion for music was so intense, he couldn’t retain a factory job he got more than two weeks before he getting himself fired.Nevertheless, he multiplied his audience after he joined the Internet Money and released his debut full-length EP, 9 9 9, with the break out song Lucid Dreams on June 15, 2017, with the song Lucid Dreams.The same year, precisely December 2017, Juice Wrld’s three-song EP Nothings Different was released. It was long before his track, All Girls Are the Same gained huge popularity on the internet, mostly due to heavy exposure on several hip hop blogs. By February 2018, its music video was released, earning him a $3 million deal with Interscope Records.

All Girls Are the Same received wide praises and named Best New Music by the online magazine, Pitchfork. It became Wrld’s first entries on a Billboard chart at number 92 of on the Hot 100, while his single Lucid Dreams peaked at number 3 on the Billboard and one of 2018 biggest streaming songs.

Wrld matched these successes with the release of his first studio album Goodbye & Good Riddance, on May 23, 2018. Shortly after the death of rapper XXTentacion and Lil Peep, Juice Wrld released a two-song EP, Too Soon…, as a tribute to the young budding artistes whose lives were cut short.

The single, Legends, from the EP made it to number 65 on the chart. His other songs and album include Goodbye & Good Riddance which debuted at number 67 on the Billboard Hot 100; Wasted is his first single featuring a collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert; and Motions. Wrld has worked on an album with Travis Scott, featuring on the song No Bystanders which later peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The young rapper announced his first WRLD Domination tour on July 20, 2018, with other acts Lil Mosey and YBN Vrodae. During his first late night TV debut on August 8, 2018, Wrld performed the song Lucid Dreams for the live audience. His style of music is described as freestyle and genre-wide, largely influenced by other famous artists like Eminem, Wu-Tang Clan and of course, Tupac.

Considering he’s garnered huge popularity in the few years into the entertainment industry, Juice Wrld is already raking in a pretty sum of money. But as we mentioned earlier, his signed deal with the Interscope Records is worth a whopping sum of $3,000,000 (2018), making him a million at the age of 19. Therefore, his net worth is estimated to be just that, for now. But of course, that does not include his music sales, since one thing is certain, the stipulated net worth is bound to skyrocket if his musical talent is of any indication.

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