Life-Changing Experience: Incident in the Adventure Park

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 Life is like a rollercoaster, it has several ups and downs but in the end, you feel satisfied if you hold a positive attitude at the end of the ride that is our life. I have always been a child who loved thrill and fun, a child who loved adventure more than anything. I always wanted a kick out of a situation and was always willing to have a thrill. This incident, like a life changing experience, holds a precious place in my life. This is about the time I was in an adventure park with my whole family and an accident happens which gave me a newfound value and appreciation of life and how life can be so short. 

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Thus, this essay is about an accident I had in an adventure park with my family. Trip to adventure park The date was 22nd February 2018, me and my family decided it was time to have an adventure. It was I who begged my father to make us go on a trip to have some thrill and adventure. Thus, resulting in at the beginning of our trip, we leave our house early in the morning and go 250 km away from our hometown to the adventure park. I and my brother were in the back seat humming to pop songs and eating chips. It was so much fun and I remember every moment vividly. After a long drive, we finally reach the adventure park, I and my brother just burst out of our back seat running to the main gate while my mom yells so that we slow down. Thus, we reach this park which looked so dangerous yet so thrilling, the perfect place for me. Ride of my life I look at all the rides and adventures with my jaw open and in awe. I was dumbstruck for a moment looking at all these thrilling rides. I point my finger at the most dangerous ride and just run towards it. It was called the flying fox which is two vantage points connected with ropes and you glide from one point to another while connected to the rope. So, I decided to get on that ride and have fun. Thus, I get ready and some fear takes me over which is kicked off due to adrenaline. Staff buckles me up to the rope and makes me sign some documents in case something bad happens. I begin walking towards one starting point and get ready for it. They push me off the cliff and thus begin my greatest nightmare which would last for an hour. As my ride begins and adrenaline is sky high, out of nowhere my rope gets stuck and there I am hanging in the middle of the ride while the closest thing to me is the ground which is 100 feet down. 

I HAVE a sudden realization that this ride is now bringing me close to my death and sudden feelings take me over that all I can think of is god. Final moments After panic finally takes over me, I begin the hour-long fight of my life. I had no idea what to do and how to escape from this nightmare. All I could think was that at any moment I can fall flat. I see my mom and dad far away and I could hear their screaming about how I should calm down and help is coming. This made me realize I am not alone and that there is hope. I look behind and I could see staff making some arrangements to rescue me. Thus, I see one guy coming to rescue me on the same rope. He comes close to me and does something with my buckle which made me glide down till the end of the last point. Turns out my buckle was stuck with the rope and needed some push. This incident, life changing experience that resulted in me being afraid of heights from that moment. My dad threatens to sue the park for damage that ride cost me emotionally, but it turns out the documents that I signed prevented us to sue them. Therefore, I was stuck with this incident imprinted in my head forever. I had to go to a psychiatrist for help regarding this issue. I am still that thrilling and fun-loving person, but I believe some part of that died on that day. 

Conclusion. I believe that life is short and we should enjoy it fully. I still believe in taking risks but there should be a certain limit to it. I think I should always be like this as it helps me enjoy the life I have and get the most out of it. In the end, it is always about what makes you happy and what does not makes you happy. Life is too short to be waiting for the right thing to happen thus I would say we should enjoy our life while it lasts.

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