Life is a Beautiful Gift

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Life is wealth, every person receives it at birth, not even knowing how big it is a treasure. Different people take advantage of this wealth. Some are cautious and moderate, others live one day, someone does not appreciate this gift at all and destroys it by taking drugs and alcohol. Every person independently decides how to live his life. But do not forget that it is one and spend on various nonsense. We have to go through our life so that we cannot regret the timeless amount of time. Some people think that life is long and everything will come to pass then, once. But this is a fatal mistake. Life is fleeting. So do not waste it. It’s a pity that this is not everyone’s understanding, and then years pass, and people cannot find their place in life.

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The life is very different. It changes all the times. It is full of events. The quality of our life depends on us. How to live so that you do not waste time? Of course, life should bring pleasure. But this should not be its meaning. It is worth thinking about those who are next to make their life better. Maybe they will do the same for you. We should not forget about the most elderly people – their families: they need attention and care. Do not neglect and self-realization. After all, if a person does not find himself in life, we can say that she lived in vain. Everyone himself implements his own way. Someone does not imagine herself without a favorite work, the other gives herself an interesting hobby, the other cannot live without a family, continues to be in the children. It would seem that nothing is done, but not everyone understands that we can make our lives a treasure. Life is full of choices. The author provides us with clear understanding of this. Every person has the choice to go studying or go working, or start any different activities. Very important in making decisions plays the emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to give advice to their and other people’s emotions: to accurately understand, appreciate and express them. The first component – the assessment and expression of emotions – is in any interaction. The second component of emotional intelligence is knowledge of emotions. It’s not about knowing their names, types, or classifications. This is about the wider cultural and social context: do we know what exactly in our environment causes certain emotions. The third component is how we can manage emotions. This is to keep emotions from showing (it does not get angry when you want it) and to regulate your condition after emotions have already manifested (calm down after being angry). The fourth component of emotional intelligence concerns behavior. Let’s communicate with another person, we saw a certain emotion and correctly identified it. Understanding emotions should help in the most important thing – decide how to behave. Emotions are the same information as actions, words and gestures. This information is used by a person to justify his actions. It is vital in every situation during the life.

To sum up, the life is fleeting. Do not stop. If only you have you achieved one goal, put another one. Life is an endless pursuit and while we strive – we continue to live and improve! And the best restoration of forces is the boundless joy of achieving the goal. Therefore, follow your goals and desires, and you will definitely get it. And remember, if you want to radically change your life and succeed in your career, love or self-improvement, then you should not expect fast results. Nothing can change in an instant and without your efforts. Someone will need years, for some months, but everything will depend only on your desires and actions. Listen to the above recommendations and act without stopping on your way! Do not be afraid to dream, but most importantly believe in your strength and then you will be able to change your life and succeed in any business!

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