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Life is Becoming More Mcdonaldized

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Doing the same thing over and over is life. That is what people do, feel and reflect every day or how they relate to the world. Much of normal life is automatic in that it is driven by up-to-date features of the environment as mediated by automatic cognitive processing of those features, without any mediation by conscious choice (Bargh, 1997). That everyday life or human interaction in society can be compared to an acting performance. This performance as the title of this essay proposes life is becoming progressively McDonaldized. The term McDonaldized means how the principles of the fast-food restaurant are dominating more and more sectors of society (Ritzer, 2000). Globalization overall can be another way of recounting how “the presentation of self in everyday life” is becoming increasingly McDonaldized. A McDonaldized job environment is one where all responsibilities and procedures are rationalized (to the degree that they become irrational) with the determination of making the organization more efficient and finally more profitable.

A fascinating example of McDonaldization is academies featuring more modularized curricular manufacturing graduates at an accelerated pace, which satisfies all student’s tastes. Additional cases are IKEA, the Pharmaceutical corporations, most Fast-food restaurants, Starbucks, Commercial Banks, convenience stores, Gasoline Stations, and Supermarkets chains. Even the majority of governments, their guidelines, and their bureaucratic constructions can show signs of McDonaldization and they are frequently pro-globalization. Even the place of worship of the world has not run away from McDonaldization, although they have been slow to change, but yet they still are following the world in becoming Mcdonaldizied. Sexual intercourse has become McDonaldized with the discovery of the drug Viagra, Cialis, and others that help men with Erectile dysfunction. The drugs are extensively available, meaning that a male can achieve an erection whenever and where ever he wants. A summary of the introduction of this medication is that sex has become more resourceful, premeditated, foreseeable, and more manageable. This along with prostitution makes intercourse a service.

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Smartphones and social networking are an illustration of how McDonaldization and the props that arise with it are gradually becoming a portion of our everyday life. The four main components of McDonaldization are apparent in networking and smartphones. They are well-organized, they can compute and retain a history, they are predictable and they can give control to the owner/user. Goffman also discusses structure and agency (Goffman, 1959), “structure being the barriers in society that prevent an individual from having his/her autonomy or free will, and agency being one’s ability to act independently and make his/her own choices in everyday life.” One can contend that McDonaldization and Globalization are disturbing our work in everyday life, but that would not describe why we as rational people have selected to make the Big Mac the most common burger in the world.

We rapidly comprehend that the world is becoming one big assembly line, rolling off the props that we are told. Then we send them around the biosphere just so we can keep up with the opportunities of our onlookers and our expectations. Which are both directly affected by McDonaldization and Globalization. The things like designer clothes or new cars are the material possessions that we use in our routine to influence our spectators and their judgment of us. We all attempt to encourage ourselves, our ideas’ and our beliefs’. We all try to find that all-important chief role in the stage of life and to accomplish this we must entertain and amaze the audience. That is the intention of the presentation. Nobody identifies what goes on backstage. This is our internal or individual private natural life.

Henry ford altered the world when he presented the engineering of automobiles by the assembly line and mass construction. The Ford Motor Company in the early 19 hundred was where McDonaldization was created. Some say that Globalization started when the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers took place in Manhattan, New York. The differences of these different regions and cultures of the world, because of transportation advancements, high-tech progressions, and the effectiveness of the McDonaldized and globalized world, have had a tremendously negative effect on the national security of the originators and sponsors of these phenomena. There is a global stream of people (migrants, vagabonds, and tourists) that makes extremist attacks like 9/11 possible and very problematic to avoid or defend against.

McDonaldization is not a problem. It is the way it is being achieved and measured by the leader at the uppermost position. It is the greediness for supremacy, money, and exploitation that goes hand in hand with this greed. If they could manage the world’s McDonaldization and globalization appropriately many basic and repetitive tasks will be completed by computerization and robotics. That is the case at this time. More and more procedures are being automated and androids have a firm bearing in this globalized and technological era. As we free up the period spent on these responsibilities, we can concentrate more on a mix of leisure, scientific, academic, and technological advancements (Fresco, 2010).

McDonaldization and Globalization affect all humans, organizations, countries, nations, religions, governments and these spectacles are not going to evaporate in the imaginable forthcoming future. They are a natural movement and evolution of the world and its populations. It does not have to be an undesirable thing. In an ideal world if accomplished properly it could alter the world (Fresco, 2010).

Some of the encouraging things that McDonaldization has transported to us in our everyday life are affordability and expansion in developing nations. It has brought treasure to some of the world’s underprivileged. It has carried peace because of the interconnectedness of the world’s countries as a result of worldwide trade. The distribution of information among nations is very optimistic and the co-operation of nations for the improvement in science and space study is also brilliant.

The negative facets of McDonaldization and Globalization that affect our performance in everyday life are Hazardous imports (toys, chemicals, fish), Borderless sickness (flu, Ebola virus, SARS, AIDS/HIV, Tropical diseases in Europe). Crime, Corruption, Terrorism, and War, are correspondingly very real fears and it could be said that they have stayed more real and direct problems as a straight result of the Mcdonaldization and Globalization of everyday life (Ritzer, Globalization; A Basic Text, 2010).

‘The fully developed bureaucratic apparatus compares with other organizations exactly as the machine with the non-mechanical modes of production (Weber). This is a fascinating figure that displays Max Weber’s theory in the effectiveness of bureaucracy and the effectiveness of mechanical styles of manufacturing. This field of belief fits perfectly with the sermon taking place, in that bureaucracy and mechanical modes of production are essentials of status in McDonaldization and Globalization. The four primary components of McDonaldization are evident in bureaucracy and mechanical modes of production (Calculability, Predictability, Control, and Efficiency).

If you want superiority it is available. If you want to size it is also available. It comes back to supply and demand. If the individuals stand up and request justice and fairness for every person it will be provided. If we are joint for the shared good of mankind and we use our resources and skills we can build an open-minded and justifiable future for this age group and the generations to come. McDonaldization and Globalization are structures of global humanity. We have acknowledged them and tangled ourselves in them. We have to get up on the stage in the show business of life and perform in accord and unity and claim that the properties we waste on far more harmful and damaging activities, like war, contamination, and imprisonment, for example, are not lost and they are equally distributed.


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