Life is Better Now than 50 Years Ago

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Although 50 years ago life was a bit difficult, nowadays technology like internet, cellphones and public transportation have made life better and more comfortable. The internet started in the early 1960s in the work of Paul Baran and Donald Davies. (Inductee details-Paul Baran). After that in 1990s it became public. This invention was a tremendous transformation in those years. Nowadays most of the ordinary works are done daily with the internet. 

Also many of international contracts are done with internet. Another benefit of the internet is that when people use it for everything, it saves time. Like for instance people can search in defferent website on internet and get a lot of information about everything. While the people who lived 50 years ago had to go to library and search among the lots of books. Also internet is the cheaper and faster way for most of shopping. These days most of the people all over the world buy everything they need online, like cloths, furniture and even food stuffs. But in the past people sometimes had to travel to far places to buy somethings they need. This way was really hard so the internet has made life easier dramaticlly. In addition people can be in touch with eachother from far places by internet. For example a person who travel abroad for study or work can stay in touch with family and friends easily. 

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The only thing people need is a computer or cellphone and a availeble internet. In compare in the past around 50 years ago when people traveled to far places had to write letters sometimes and family had to just wait and sometimes it took long time to letters arrive and even sometimes did not arrive at all. Thus that is one of the most important features of the internet is that let people to stay in touch with eachother from another places. Moreover people can follow news daily on internet instead of Spend more time and more costs to buy newspaper like some years ago. This way can also help to stop produce paper from trees. Every news are on internet everyday and people can read them easier than 50 years ago. Nowadays there are 4,383,810,342 internet users in the world in 2019. (Internetworldstate). Around 50.1% in Asia, 16.4% in Europe, 11.2% in Africa, 10.1% in Lat Am, 7.5% in North American, 4.0% in Middle East and 0.7% in Oceania/Australia(Internetworldstate). Thus, internet is one of the most important factors in the today’s people life. Today people can do everything with internet easily and internet has made life more comfortable in compare to some years ago. Another important invention of human that has played an effective role in the people’s life and has made it more comfortable is cellphone. The most important beneficial of cellphone is that people can call and talk to eachother whereever and even whenever they want. Although when the cellphone have invented used just for calls and massages but today there are smart phones with many applications which work with internet and people can do everything with them. Nowadays communications are very fast and easy with these applications. The first ability of these applications is video call. People can have video calls and talk to eachothere even from far places. Like for instance a student who study in abroad can has video call with family and friends easily. Furthermore one of the intresting things of these applications is unlimited massages with some lovely emojis which people even can send their feelings to eachother with these emojis. Another ability of smart phones is the online map. When people want to travel with their cars they can use their smart phones to see the oneline map to find everywhere they want to go. Also smart phones can connect to internet and people can search through the internet about everything that they searched with computers befor. So today everything is easier than past with smart phones. Moreover, today people can do their bankworks with their cellphones. Some years ago people had to go to bank and fill out the different forms to withdraw, transfer or deposit money. 

However today people do not need to spend many time to go to bank. They can do everything related to bank just wifh their cellphones and some applications. Another thing that people can do with cellphones is that to download and play movies. Modern cellphones have strong memories and people can download everything they want especially movies. In the event that 50 years ago there was just one cinema in some big cities to watch movies. People in the past just could go to cinema per week to watch a movie. But today everyone has a smart phone and can watch movies everywhere not just in the cinema. Furthermore, one of the most intresting thing about smart phones is different kinds of games on them. Today when people are in their free times they can play many entertaining games that can be really different experience. Moreover modern cellphones have some educational and most beneficial applications that can help people to save their money and also their time. Like for instance many applications for learning different languages, music issues, cooking, beauty and health and many others. 

So cellphones has played important roles in the people’s life in recent years and has made life easier than 50 years ago. In addition, nowadays life is more comfortable than past also because of public transportation. In recent years the number of city buses and trains has increased that it has made traveling easier for the people all over the world. Public transportation like city trains, fast and normal buses, subways and airplans bring many benefits to the people. Some of benefits are: saving time, saving mony, safer, reducing traffic, reducing air pollution and many others. (National Express). Moreover today there are many train station in the all of the cities in the world that people can travel easier than 50 years ago that people had to travel with animals or some old and weak buses or some old and slow trains. In conclution life is really better and also easier than 50 years ago because of technology and usefull inventions. Internet can help people to know about everything, cellphones can help people to do daily works and contact to eachother really easy and also public transportation has made life easier. So people live in technology age that can do everything they want. 

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