Sometimes You May Live Life of Lie But in the End You Will Find Out the Truth: Story of One Family

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In an early morning wearing her dark shirt, denim pink short, G-shock watch and a messy hair, there was a girl named Jaji. Jaji is sitting on their fluffy red velvet sofa in front of their TV while holding her matte black Sony phone waiting for her daddy. She has a bloodless skin that matched her model type height, and a long soft black hair. She lives in Finland together with her family. She has everything she wants that other people haven’t. Being an only child, she lives in a luxurious life. Her attitude changed when she entered another environment. Long ago, when little Jaji entered the family she’s so cute and her parents were so blessed to have her. Mrs. Maria Emilia, her mother was so glad to have Jaji, she will do her everything to be the best mother for her daughter.

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By the time passed by, at exactly 9 in the morning, it’s time to teach Jaji to speak and learn things about growing up. While in her crib playing with her teethers, Mrs. Maria Emilia carried Jaji. “Say mama, baby” Mrs. Maria Emilia trying to teach little Jaji to speak the mama. “Ma-ma” little Jaji responded. Mr. Jo and Mrs. Maria Emilia giggled cheerfully because they finally heard their daughter’s first word. They live in a happy life that no one can describe the life they have with Jaji. Jaji was their happy pill whenever they were facing some problems. She never failed her parents in making them happy. She can turn away the sadness they were feeling. When she turned 3 years old and began to be more naughty like other children but she was an intelligent and a lovely child. Mrs. Maria Emilia and Mr. Jo quite don’t like the idea of Jaji being so naughty because it’s a little annoying but they can still manage because it’s part of being kid. But, Mrs. Maria Emilia’s family don’t like Jaji as being part of the family. They think that they can get better than her. Before Jaji came Mrs. Maria Emilia and her family were arguing about Jaji. She really fought for Jaji She never listened to her family and didn’t even think twice about having Jaji because she knows that she was the gift given by God to her and Mr. Jo. 1 year laterOne day, while in the park she asked her Daddy if she can play with the kids. Kids that look like not so good kids but they were having fun. Wearing dirty shirt with some holes like SpongeBob. Chasing each other and saying “Taya” if they touch someone. Some kids were “Dada, I want to play with them, can I?” Jaji asked.

Mr. Jo sigh because he doesn’t like her daughter to play with them because of their appearance and they might hurt Jaji while playing. Mr. Jo smiled and replied, “No, just play with me. We can have fun like them. ”

But Jaji still insisted because she really wants to play with them. “Please Dada I want to play what they are playing. I think it’s sort of fun. Please, please. ” Jaji pleaded. But in the end he still let Jaji play with them. Jaji really had fun playing with the kids and she was so happy because she enjoyed it. She falls to the ground that made her father move a bit and looked grave. But before her father headed to her she lifted up herself and continue playing. Then she signed okay to her father that gave him relief. After they played, Jaji asked her father if they can treat the kids. “Dada can we treat them? I enjoyed playing with them and to thank them so we will treat them. ” Jaji smiley asked. “Of course, baby. ” “Yehey!” Jaji clap clap her hands then giggled together with the kids. “What do you want to eat kids?” “Ice cream!” They said cheerfully in unison. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Jaji screamed to the kids then the kids screamed too. Afterwards, they say goodbyes to each other and went back home.

Jaji told her mother about what happened to the park and how she enjoyed playing with the kids and treated some ice creams just an act of appreciation and thankfulness. Meanwhile, while Jaji was growing up he noticed that some of her cousins did’t like her and they distant themselves to her. That’s why she can’t figure out why they were acting like that to her. When they entered school they don’t even talk to her or joined her while heading to their rooms. “Hey, Margo! I hope we are all classmates so we can study together and we are also be friends since we are cousins. ” Said Jaji. “Hahaha, stop hoping. ” They sarcastically replied. “We don’t like the idea of being our classmate and friend. You better get yourself a friend of yours. ” Margo said. “Get lost. ” Nathan smirked.

Her cousins group left laughing at Jaji and because of that she felt downcast about what they said. She’s just approaching them and why they treat her like that. They don’t even allow her to be part of their groups that’s why Jaji find some friends and interact with them. Jaji liked being in school despite of the doings of her cousins, she doesn’t have much time about worrying that because she has friends that willing to be with her. But that’s one of the reason why Jaji felt insecure to others. Unlike other kids, their cousins were also their friends. She asked herself why they can’t be like that? She was not bad to her cousins and she always does good things to them but they still bad to her. They often bullied Jaji but she doesn’t even fight back. Even the parents of her cousins and her grandmother doesn’t like her being around. And that’s something Jaji worried about. She always asked her parents why they were acting like that to her. She didn’t even do something to hurt them and she was good to them. “Don’t worry sweetie, I will talk them and settle this. ” Mrs. Maria Emilia said just to calm her daughter. Mr. Jo looked at his wife with his brooding eyes. “But for now, go to your room and sleep. We will take care about this sweetie. ” He added and kissed Jaji’s cheek as a good night kiss. Few years later, Jaji was now a 16th year old and in Grade 10. She was now having her moving up at the exclusive mall together with her parents. She received some awards that made her parents proud of her. The ceremony went well and everyone was glad and excited to the next chapter of their life. After congratulating each other, Jaji’s family celebrated her accomplishment by having a simple dinner at The Bean Box. While having dinner Mr. Jo and Mrs. Maria Emilia already decided to tell Jaji that after she graduated College she will handle the company. By that, Jaji was so overwhelmed that she will also work there and as a gift from her parents she will be traveling and exploring the beautiful spots of the Philippines. Her parents know that she loves traveling and exploring places. During her summer vacation, she spends her time exploring the beautiful places of the Philippines. She was an outgoing girl who loved to adventure and explore new things. Months passed by, In the middle of the night, they were having a party because it’s their grandfather’s 70th birthday. Everyone was having fun and busy chatting to each other. All of their family were there to celebrate their grandfather’s birthday. In the party, there was load noise coming from the speaker that operated by the dj. It was a little bit grand party and everyone were all dressed. It was located at their backyard and all the guests were fit in there. Jaji’s cousins, were having some drinks. While on the other side, Jaji was in the veranda watching the night sky and thinking something deeply. Jaji was now in Grade 11, While having her lunch at their school cafeteria together with her friends, Sophia, Marianne and Margarette, a bunch of girls headed to their table and looked at Jaji. “Hey!” The girl in a pony tailed hair caught Jaji’s attention.

Jaji glazed at them because he knows that they were one of her cousin’s groups who wants to bully her. “May I ask you something, why you are related to the Mercadejas’s Family?”“Why? I am the daughter of Maria Emilia Mercadejas and Jo Mercadejas. ” Jaji responded politely. “Really? I don’t think so. You don’t even look like them. How come you are their daughter?” she stiffened.

“What this girl want to her?” She said to herself. “Hey! Stop it you’re crossing the line!” Sophia said. “Stop talking nonsense things as if you know everything. ” Marianne added. “Leave bitches!” Margarette shouted. “Whoa whoa whoa! Tss, watch your words Miss!” said by pony haired.

After what happened to the cafeteria, Jaji can’t focused herself at her class it keeps bothering her mind about what the girl told her. However, after her class she hurriedly went home and looked for her mother. “Mom! Mom?” Jaji asked.

She looked everywhere in the rooms until she heard her mom talking to someone. “Your adopted daughter will not be the heir of our company!” It was her grandmother, Lola Demitilda. “She is not adopted Mama!” Her mother shouted back. “She is! Why the hell you will let her handle the company that we build? She’s not even have a blood of Mercadejas. How you will explain that to our investors? And I think they will ask her about being the heir of the company and your siblings will trigger you about this. ” Said by Lola Demitilda.

Mrs. Maria Emilia massaged her forehead and sigh. “You better not let her handle the company or I will tell her about being an adopted child of yours?” Lola Demitilda said. “Let me please, let me think Mama?” She uttered. “When do you plan to tell Jaji that you are not her biological mother and you just adopted her because she has a lot of siblings and in order to help them you take charge of her?” Lola Demitilda asked back. “Is it your mischievous act? Because I knew in the first place that our family doesn’t like Jaji to be part of us because when she came, continuous karma came to us. Don’t you know that it was your fault about spending millions of company’s money to casino? And now you are acting like all the blames should be on her? I know all the actions that you are doing behind my back, Mama. ” She darkly said. “Don’t ever touch Jaji or else –. ”“Mom?” Jaji opened the door and entered. “Jaji?” Mrs. Maria Emilia stiffened and looked shock about the sudden appearance of Jaji. “Is it true?” Jaji asked. “No. Of course. ” Nervously replied by her mother.

Tears falls down to her cheeks and run out of the room. Then she went out the house and run faster as she could. Her heart breaks into pieces by what she heard. She doesn’t even know where to go. Until she felt tired about running and stopped in the middle of the streets. She cried and cried until she only sobbed.

Meanwhile, her parents were now searching for her. Mrs. Maria Emilia glared at her mother with her glowering eyes. “I won’t forgive you if something happens to Jaji. ” Mrs. Maria Emilia threatened her mother. Hours had passed and they found Jaji so messed and sleeping. They immediately took home Jaji and cleaned her.

Afterwards, when she found out that she was an adopted daughter and realized that it was the reasons why they don’t like her and she usually bullied by her cousins. She decided to changed herself. She spends her money to her girlfriend and her friends. Most of the time she breaks her parent’s rules. She has now less care to her family than how she cared to her friends. She literally rebelled. Because of her upcoming 18th birthday, her parents planned to celebrates it in the Philippines. One day, in an early morning, Jaji is wearing her dark shirt, denim pink short, G-shock watch and a messy hair. Jaji is sitting on their fluffy red velvet sofa in front of their tv while holding her matte black Sony phone waiting for her daddy to wake up. But when everyone is busy preparing for her big event something happened when Jaji asked to change her money. Jaji and her mom are arguing about money at their living room. “Mom, change my $80 into 6,000 pesos because I don’t have enough money. ” She commanded. “What? Your money’s value is about less than the amount that you are talking about. You spend your money to much to those petty things and give it to your gold-digger girlfriend. Do you think it’s really appropriate to spend all your money like that? You only care about your friends. What about us? Don’t you even care about us? Be sensitive enough. ” “Why?! I have a lots of money to you. I’m giving you some money when I received my bonus on school. Why can’t you just give that fucking money?” She replied. “Yes, but it’s for your own sake. You don’t have everything if we didn’t give it to you! You better don’t talk like that!” Mrs. Maria Emilia shouted back to Jaji. Jaji have no respect to her parents’ despites of doing their best to give everything to her. She often disobeys her parents but her parents love her so much that they always give what Jaji wants. She didn’t even appreciate her parent’s efforts. And that’s weakened Mrs. Maria Emilia and Mr. Jo. Why their loving daughter treat them like that despite of everything? They both blamed Demitilda of what happened to Jaji. They both missed the old Jaji who care, love and respects them. 2 years later, Jaji spends her money traveling around the world because in that, she can feel at peace without thinking about some problems and her not real family. She’s been traveling the world after her 18th birthday. She also invested some of her money after she graduated College at Stanford University. Her known parents don’t know about that and she doesn’t even touch the savings that giving her by her parents.

When Jaji walks her dog, Chuchay down the streets early this morning, a guy in his jogging attire running opposites to their directions. With his handsome face, thick eyebrows, almond eye shaped, narrowed nose and a thin kissable lips. He has a broad shoulder and defined jaw that matches his height. He is the man of all the girls dreams. “OH! He’s so perfect. ” She said to herself. “Hey, Miss?” the guy said while waving his hand in front of her. “Ugh, yes?” she nervously replied. “You accidentally released your dog leash so she ran towards me. ” Then he gave the leash to Jaji. “Ugh, tha—thank you and I’m sorry about that. ” She lost her words but still manage to complete her sentence in an awkward way. “Haha, no problem. By the way I’m Azi, you are?” He gladly introduced himself then showed his hand as to shake hands to Jaji. “Jaji. ” She widely smiled while she offered her hands to Azi.

They decided to walk together and know each other better. At noon time, Azi invited Jaji to come over to his house so he can cook for her. Azi is also having his vacation in the Philippines and he is also traveling alone. They have the same likes that made them to talked more things because they have the same qualities.

When she went to the hotel that she was staying in, she thinks again about her known family. She remembered all the efforts of her family to give everything to her even though her mother’s family don’t like her. Her mother and father will stand up to protect her. After 6 months knowing each other.

Azi and Jaji decided to be together. Azi is willing to help Jaji to settle the issues with her family and start a new life with him. Through the help of Azi she clearly understood the efforts of her parents regarding in hiding the truth to her. The day after yesterday, they are riding a plane to Finland. Jaji is not at ease because she is wondering about what will happen if she seen her parents again. She remembered what Azi told her after they talked about her real condition to her family. “You are lucky. They adopted you because they cared about you. They want to take good care about you. You are blessed to have them. Appreciate them and think about the efforts they do for you. To be left by your known daughter/son is the biggest threats to adopters. ”

By what Azi told her, she realized things. She is lucky because there is someone who care about her and love her since she was little. While Azi is not lucky because he doesn’t even have a family to take good care and love him when he left by his own mother and lived alone but someone adopted him too. Even he’s just an adopted son he pays his known parents an act of appreciation and thankfulness by being a good son and in return he will do everything to give more than what they give to him.

When they landed the Finland, Jaji’s family is waiting for her outside the airport. Jaji run towards to her mom and dad and say an apology of what she had done. She also forgives them and promise them to be the good daughter to them.

You maybe live in a life of lie but in the end you will discover the truth behind that lie that will make you braver. It truly takes time to realized and accept everything and sometimes you need someone to help you. In the end, they come back to the same happy family that they used to be and with so much loved than before.

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