Life Or Death: Buckle Your Seatbelts

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Seatbelts can mean the difference between life or death in a car accident, we have all heard the excuses like ‘im a good driver I don’t need to wear a seatbelt, Well even if youre a good driver there are situations that were not in control of such as things like bad weather and not to mention other drivers that can affect your safety. Wearing a seatbelt everytime you enter a car is not just a smart thing to do, it is the right thing because it saves lives, it’s also part of the law and will save you money.

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Seat belts work to stop a person from hurting themselves in situations like a car crash For example a person who is traveling in a car traveling at 15 miles per hour is also traveling at the same speed. If the car is going to probably stop suddenly ( in case of a car collision), the person would most likely be moving inside the car and will continue to move until something (the steering wheel, windshield etc.) stops him or her.

A person going 30 miles per hour would hit these objects in the same way as he or she would have hit for example a pavement falling from a 3-storey building. A seat belt is worn across the lap and shoulders as well as hip bones and is made to tighten in case of a car accident making an impact, stopping the body with the car. This stops the person from going forward in case of an accident. Even after knowing this, most of the drivers refuse to wear seat belts while driving.

Swedish inventor Nils Bohlin invented the three point belt, he created the modern seat belts like a 3 point seat belt which is a seat belt with both a lap and a shoulder portion, having three attachment points, a 2 point seat belts which is a restraint system with two attachment points.

Around 85 % of traffic problems happen in a 25-mile radius of our homes and usually speed of 40 miles an hour. Using the safety belt to drive around the block is probably the best thing to start doing if you don’t already. Seat belts can save your life in a crash and can decrease your risk of a serious injury on your body. Seat belts keep drivers and passengers from being thrown out through windows or doors. This is important because your chances of being killed are five times more if you are thrown from out of the car. Everyone knows that car crashes can cause death, yet because people do not buckle up all the time because around thousands of people still die in traffic crashes yearly.

This is because they either probably do not have confidence in the use of seat belts and don’t see the news of the car crashes happening a lot on the daily basis, or that they do not actually understand their importance. Even though many states have strict seat belt wearing laws, many people are still debating upon how the law is not effective to people. Whatever the problem may be, it is common sense that wearing seat belts do stop the body with the car, saving it from hitting anything at a high speed. It is up to you to either choose whether or not to wear seat belts, or to not use common sense and think that they really do not work. I have made my choice, and i’d rather be safer than sorry. 

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