Life Story of Charles Manson


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Charles Manson did not have the best childhood and throughout the years, it got worse. His sixteen year-old mother Kathleen Maddox was a heavy alcoholic who was later arrested for armed robbery. He went to live with his Uncle and Aunt when his mother was arrested and once she was released, they reunited. She wanted to get rid of him so she decided to put him into a foster home and when that did not work, she wanted to enroll him in boarding school. Manson spent most of his adolescence in different institutions. Once he hit his teen years, he committed his first crime which was a burglary of a grocery store. The next years of his life “were parades of crimes, apprehensions, incarcerations, escapes, and paroles. Manson later went to jail for ten years for forging a Treasury check and was to be released on March 21, 1967. He wanted to continue to be in prison because he considered it his home but he eventually got released regardless.

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After he got released, he moved to San Francisco, California and he formed what is known as “The Family”. They were a group of followers that were mostly woman who saw Manson as a god and did anything he asked. The Family did many activities like “sexual orgies, used hallucinogens, had drug trips. Manson’s first murder happened in a movie ranch where many movies were filmed. A member from Manson’s family got involved in a situation with a drug dealer and Manson was called. Once Manson heard about this situation, he shot the drug dealer in his own apartment and later heard a news report about him. He did not want anything to happen to his followers so he was prepared in case any other gang members decided to show up.

There were many other events that the family was involved in one of which is known as The Tate murders. The Tate murders happened on August 8 and 9 of 1969 in Los Angeles, California. An actress named Sharon Tate and four other victims were killed because Manson ordered his cult to arrive at the house and killed everyone there “as gruesomely as you can. The four people in the home were taken to the living room and tied up. One victim was shot and killed. Two managed to escape the house but were chased down and shot. The next night, Manson and his cult went to a grocery store and killed the couple who owned it. Antoher murder Manson’s cult did is known as LaBianca Family. A couple lived in a home where Manson’s Family had been before so they knew where everything was located. They broke into the house and stabbed the couple to death.

The crimes concerned several people in the community but in October of 1969, several cult members were arrested. One member had been convicted of a previous murder and was put in jail. She was the one who ended up talking and gave the detectives names of the other members that were involved in the Tate murders. By the end of the year, Manson’s family had been in custody. The trial began in June 1970 with Linda Kasabian, who made a plea bargain because she did not directly commit any crimes. She was willing to testify that Manson had control over the whole group and that is how he got them to commit all those murders for him. The other members in the group, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Leslie Van Houten, decided to protect Manson and deny what Kasabian said. This situation shows how much power Manson had over them because even when they were in trial, his followers still wanted to protect him.

Later on, Manson, along with, Atkins, Krenwinkel, and Van Houten were sentenced to death. Tex Watson was also sentenced to death but he was tried separately because he had left to go to Texas and later was later found and brought back. The sentences later changed to life in prison because California had abolished capital punishment in 1971. Manson had an unstable life. He had a horrible childhood, “a rebellious mother,and suffered abuse at some of the facilities and schools he entered which probably explain Manson’s character. He was destroyed forever by the way he was brought up and he never knew how to recover from it. Instead, he coordinated killings that shocked the world. The way Manson was able to control people was insane, especially because he got to create a family-cult who executed the gruesome murders for Manson without questioning his orders. He used them to fulfill his tasks and used them as killing machines. Manson was a “coward.He was the kind of guy who had other people do his bidding he really enjoyed taking advantage of people who were gullible.

Because he never had a loving family, he never got to have any morals or guilty feelings when he did something. Instead, he had no regrets for the killings and behaved as if the people he had murdered did not deserve to live anymore. He could walk away from the situation so fast, pretending like nothing happened or that he had nothing to do with it. Even after everything that he did, he considered himself not guilty because according to him, he was “never at the scene of any crime. He claimed he “never directly told anybody to go anywhere or do anything. After this case was taken to court, Manson and his Family ended up behind bars for a very long time. It’s been nearly two generations since those ghastly days of August 1969. At some point, they had to accept that was how their life was going to be spent, behind bars until they passed away.

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