Life Without Electricity: Possible Or not

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Life as we know it is based on electricity, even if we aren’t aware of it. Without electricity we would not be able to shower with warm and clean water, cook with an oven and store food on a fridge, have powered lights or even transport on the different systems the world has such as cars, buses, subway, among other basic aspects of our life. It benefits human life enormously, but is the usage of electricity worth it? Or should a new substitute be found based on the damage that it has caused?

Humans depend on electricity nowadays to complete their responsibilities, necessities, and other activities daily. The use of electricity has given humans the power to live life more easily, as making coffee takes 2 min or less and it could’ve been a process that lasted around 30 min long when electricity did not exist. Other than the commodities it has to lend us, electricity has been the source of development over the years. This is because the power that is created has been adapted to be used in different mechanisms that have allowed the invention of numerous machines that vary from an IPad to a spaceship. The discoveries that scientists have made, in and out of space, have incremented since electricity began to be used, known just by saying there are robots on Mars. Moreover, electricity takes a huge role in communication worldwide, as without electricity devices such as mobile phones would not exist, these being the ones that allow people in Colombia to contact people in China. Furthermore, electrical power is a puissant source yet it is very easy to control. The same development that has been influenced by it, has helped this source became extremely manageable. This facile way of usage helps make the transportation of it extremely easier, and all of this related to the low cost it may have. In terms of the impact it has on the environment, renewable sources are being used to be able to accomplish all of the above with very little negative effect on the atmosphere and the planet.

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Nevertheless, everything in life has a flaw, and electricity is not excluded. The simple fact that nowadays we, as humans, are so dependent on the use of electricity and that is an extreme disadvantage. As a society, we do not have a backup plan as a power source, that when there is an electrical problem life stops and we go back to life without electricity. In addition, most of the electrical devices that are used round-the-clock, such as phones, emit radiation (magnetic fields) when being used that affects the human brains, amongst other animals. One of these being honey bees, that due to this radiation they suffer from colony collapse disorder, a disorder that is related to their navigation system. This has made the honey bee population decrease rapidly and enters the endangered list, and without honey bees, mankind will lose life as known. This means that electricity is now not only harming humans but all of the animals surrounding us, that are not receiving the same amount of benefits from electricity as we are. The collection of the sources that are transformed into electricity are a great cause of pollution, deforestation, and animals losing their habitats. This disadvantage is contradicting the advantage of not affecting the planet, yet the problem is that there are two types of energy, renewable and non-renewable. Non-renewable energy (fossil fuels, petroleum, nuclear energy, coal) rely on exploitation and machinery that hurt the different habitats. When this source is being transformed into electricity, the plants that are involved in these processes release a series of chemicals that hurt the atmosphere, incrementing the pollution on the planet. In terms of a safety hazard from the use of electricity, people that are connecting a device or work constantly around cables can suffer from an electrical shock, that could have minor or major consequences relating to the shock or after-effects such as a fire.

To conclude, electricity is important. It has many advantages and disadvantages that make us doubt is we should use it, but it is not exactly replaceable yet. The use of renewable sources is the best source for the creation of electricity, as it is the one that has a minor negative impact on the planet. We depend on electricity and it has allowed us to reach the development we’ve gotten to in the 21st century. However, the level of dependency we have on electricity needs to stop, in this way reducing the harm done to us and the different ecosystems. We need electricity and we should keep using it to develop and find more feasible and sustainable options that could be used one day as a substitution.   

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