Lifelong Struggles of Great People


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“Life is temporary, but the struggle is permanent”. The struggle is defined as a continuous process of growth and experience in future curiosity, where the end result is not necessarily be in your favor. May be a person who has struggled throughout his life may die a miserable death because eventually happy endings are only in movies. Struggle makes you strong and keeps you running through the phases (Present, past, future) of life. What are real struggles? Are they different from normal people? What makes them different from others? Indeed, they are different. Soldiers fighting at the borders are real Heros. They all have 3 things in common, i. e. Unity, Faith and discipline. These three attributes become part of their nature. People get impressed by their uniform, protocol, grace, etc. , but I think the most impressive thing in their nature is that equal level of respect they show for each other.

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From a soldier to a general of Army staff, each one shows an equal level of respect for all. They all spend their lives serving the nation. In the battlefield, each one of them tries hard to be among those who experience martyrdom. During trainings, they don’t meet their families for months. They are not allowed to attend family events. They are always ready to fight against the enemies of their country. They all are strongly connected to gather by one major purpose of life, i. e. to serve the country. All cancer patients around the globe are real fighters. They die every day before the death arrives. Their whole life revolves around a fear of losing this world. Their eyes wait to see the angel of death. Their hopes, dreams, expectations, love, and hate; all their emotions and thoughts disappear at once.

You watch the dying; you let them die because death is stronger than us. It waits for no one. All orphans around the globe are real fighters. It is very difficult to face the bloody challenges of life without the support of your parents. Kids who lose their parents at a very young age are not mentally strong. Their whole concept of home gets shattered at a very young age. When they grow up, they seem like broken souls mimicking adult’s life. They struggle throughout their life knowing the fact that they have got no one’s back. The struggle is never easy. Human beings are designed in a way that they want quick results, but struggle demands patience. Lucky are those who get the reward of their continuous struggle.

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