Lifespan Development: Personal and Professional Outlook

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My initial perception of lifespan development wasn’t much of anything. I wasn’t sure what to really expect from this course except some information on development. I also didn’t realize how what I learned in this course would affect me as a Fertility nurse. In Life Span & Development I learned everything from what is needed before conceiving through birth. This will help me as a nurse to be able to properly explain to my patient what to expect during the process of conceiving through labor and thereafter.

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“Developmental Psychology, also known as Human Development or Lifespan Development, is the scientific study of ways in which people change, as well, as stay the same, from conception to death. You will no doubt discover in the course of studying that the fields examine changes across a broad range of topics. These include physical and other psychophysiological processes, cognition, language, and psychosocial development, including the impact of family and peers.”  “Lifespan originated due to a concern for infants and children. Lifespan has most recently begun to include adolescence and just recently, gaining and the entire lifespan.”

As a nurse, I will be handling patients one on one and having a better understanding of lifespan and development could better help me take care of my patients. Being able to know what type of personality a patient may have could benefit my career in the way that I assess them or may even need to approach them about treatment. I can also help ease a parents mind when they believe that their child is behind on their developmental skills by explaining to them that while we have a set time for each child to hit a particular milestone, all children will meet it when they are ready to. I can better help an adolescence feel more comfortable by letting them now that it’s normal to feel all the different emotions they do thanks to puberty. The knowledge I have gained from this Lifespan course has given me the proper tools I need to be able to asses my patients and their families and to assist them in healing, remaining healthy, giving them some sort of insight about growth or if they just need someone to listen, I will be that nurse.

I will be able to apply what I have learned from lifespan and development in both my personal and professional career since I am mother and a perspective nurse. Having four children ranging in ages three years to sixteen years and learning the six different healthy lifestyles will help me as a mother better recognize when my child may be going through something that isn’t normal for them. Being able to acknowledge the different stressors can help me in both my personal and professional life by being aware of them. If I am aware of them, I can keep try my best to keep them out of my everyday situation to make things less stressful for me. As a nurse, knowing the stressors will also help me better explain procedure to them or know when they’re stressed and be able to talk to them and ease their minds. I have learned so much information in regard to Growth and Development from Freud’s Theory, Erikson’s Theory, Pigate’s Theory, Maslow’s Human Needs Theory, Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development, and Gilligans Critique of Kohlsberg’s Theory, and although each of these theorist had their own opinions on what exactly growth and development are, they will all help me acknowledge that my children or patients are going through each stage as they should be for their age range. As a fertitlity nurse, learning about prenatal through year one will help me a lot because I can explain to a couple how and what to expect from time of conception through labor and delivery. I also ease ay parents concerns they may have concerning any developmental delay they may think their child has thanks to this life span and development course. I tell them about all the different milestones they get to look forward to for their baby and how not everyone hits these developmental stages at the same time. Overall, this lifespan course has helped me more personally than professional but only because I am a student nurse.

Personally, this course has taught me that everything I have experienced in my life growing up and dealing with my children is normal and it’s all part of our growth and maturation as an adult. I know as my children continue to grow, they have many more stages of growth and development to overcome. I hope that I can continue to learn more and more as I continue into my nursing courses regarding Lifespan. This course can make a big difference for any nurse. I can now take everything I have learned in the last five weeks and apply as I go into my clinicals and start to work with patients. This course has helped me recognize that there is a lot more than what we do everyday that is part of our lifespan, growth and development and I would’ve never know if it wasn’t for this course.    

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