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Lifting The Blindfold On Animal Cruelty

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To hunt or to be hunted. Humankind had this preset mindset when it came to the animal kingdom in the early days of civilization. Despite this, animals would eventually play a vital role in the development of human civilization. Ever since the Neolithic period, they have helped humanity accomplish astonishing feats, such as systematic agriculture, the construction of large structures and significantly more. However, animals soon became less of a necessity and more of a means of entertainment. Though it is quite unethical to enslave other aspects of nature, the United States is one of the few countries who has not outright abolished the exhibition of animals in entertainment. College students should learn about animal cruelty in order to find the root of the problem in animal-based entertainment and put a stop to it at all levels.

Many people perceive SeaWorld as a safe and family-friendly vacation destination. Even though SeaWorld appears to be fabulous, individuals do not recognize all the agony and distress that the animals are forced to go through to learn those tricks. Though it may appear that the trainers are well connected and friendly with the animals, that is nothing more than a facade. According to the Netflix documentary Blackfish, Steve Huxter, former Sealand Director, pronounces that trainers would send the orcas “off to do the same behavior. If Tilikum didn’t do it, then both animals were punished. Deprived of food to keep them hungry. . . frustrated the whale would rake Tilikum with his teeth. ” The public gets to view all the wondrous tricks and performances that the orcas perform, completely oblivious to the notion that orcas are beaten and starved if they fail to do so. That is not even the full extent of their punishment, the orcas would often attack one another other furiously when they did not complete the task correctly which more often than not lead to bleeding. Even before all that suffering transpires, infant orcas are kidnapped away from their parents. They use horrendous methods to do so, some of those are revealed in the documentary Blackfish, where Howard Garrett, orca researcher asserts that they “ they had bombs they were throwing in the water. They were lighting their bombs with acetylene torches in their speedboats and throwing them as fast as they could to herd the whales into coves. ” The most troubling part of this operation is the fact that babies are taken away from their parents never to be seen again forced into a lifetime of cheap entertainment. Even though people get to perceive the greatness of the killer whales up close they overlook all the horrific things that these creatures go through on a daily basis. The breathtaking advertisements of the overly excited orcas are misleading, the animals are placed into a lifetime of slavery with the sole purpose of gaining large amounts of profits at all cost. They are not living, only existing. They do not care one bit for the livelihoods of the animals. They are too complex to thrive in captivity. Likewise, horse racing also covers their true notions behind their entertainment.

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Horse racing is an incredibly popular sport, one which involves massive corporations and even bigger sums of money. Although the races appear to be effervescent and exciting with the sheer speed of the horses and all the vivid apparel that they bear. They hide the true motives of the sport. Racehorses are bred for the sole task of competition. Hence their training commences at an infantile age. The infant horses “are forced to train or race before their skeleton are mature enough to handle the pressure of running on the hard race track at high speeds”. The average horse runs at a max speed of thirty miles per hour and to achieve this, the horses are forcibly forced to run before their mature enough. Unfortunately, this more often than not leads to various injuries. Injuries are oftentimes devastating as it is challenging for such a large animal to wear a cast, so most animals that sustain an injury are tragically put down. Trainers are constantly striving to produce the fastest horse on the track as the faster the horse the more money they obtain. That is why “temptations to use drugs on horses is high because of the large amounts of money that is involved in racing and related to gambling operations”. They turn to utilize unauthorized drugs to accomplish their goals. Trainers use substances on their animals to help them succeed. Even though many of these drugs are illegal, the trainers resort to utilizing them to help them win the races. The animals come second to the money, although horse racing appears lively and great on the outside, it is truly driven by gluttony and the desire for capital rather than the safety and happiness of the animals. Some people dispute that animal cruelty is not present in animal-based entertainment. Unfortunately, that is not accurate.

Research shows that there are many injuries than transpire due to inadequate handling of animals and the prison they are forced to exist in. Orcas sustain several injuries due to them being placed in exceptionally small tanks. Former Seaworld trainer Jeffrey Ventre describes one of the many injuries that transpires when he announces that “Dorsal collapse happens in less than one percent of wild killer whales. All the captive males one hundred percent have collapsed dorsal fins”. SeaWorld employees boldly claim that such injuries are normal on male orcas and that this occurs in the wild as well. However, this kind of injuries only transpires to the male orcas that are held in captivity as they are not provided enough adequate space to swim around. Animals experience cruelty in other forms of entertainment such as horse racing. State that horses acquire many injuries due to them being too hard at a young age. These injuries are also a result of the small tanks.

Form of entertainment where cruelty befalls is Circuses. Trainers employ traumatizing techniques to train and domesticate the animals. Elephants are especially prone to injuries as Micah Issitt claims that employees utilize tools such as the “bullhooks, a sharp, meter-long stick, ” to command elephants. Elephants are furiously struck by their trainers if they fail to complete the task at hand. This type of punishment can leave the animal scarred for the remainder of his life. Animal abuse and entertainment go hand and hand as the trainers are obliged. Animal cruelty is present in all forms of entertainment but some people prefer to oversee the sad truth and only see the fun they are having. Zoos appear to be an incredible place to visit when grown-ups seek to see and learn about the animal kingdom. They are advertised as a place of education and preservation of endangered animals; however, it is not more than a prison for the animals. They are decorated with vivid colors and adorable stuff animals to persuade the parents to bring their children. incorporate brilliant colors and adorable stuff animals to get people into their parks. Grown-ups go to these parks with the false sense that they are going to learn about the animal kingdom. Although some of the animals appear to be happy in their exhibits, numerous experience mental and physical problems due to their captivity. Scientist Ros Clubb and Georgia Mason, from Oxford University, discovered that “Preventing natural behavior patterns in animals can give rise to stress and frustration and impair the development of brain regions that are involved in behavioural sequencing thereby reducing the animal’s ability to behave flexibly and appropriately”. People do not see all the damage that the animals have to deal with as they are caged for the rest of their lives. Their capture leads to traumatizing psychological problems that much of the audiences dismisses or fails to see as it is not a physical problem or one that can be easily detected. Large carnivores kept in zoo exhibit that “large carnivores kept in zoos exhibited pacing and other behaviors that were indicators of psychological and emotional stress resulting from species inability to follow natural migration and roaming patterns.”

Large carnivores are not the only animals to suffer due to the small holding area. Author, Paul Waldau states in his book Animal Rights : What Everyone Needs to Know, that “the small size of enclosures and other features of even the best zoos create what critics call “anthropogenic, ” or human-caused problems, such as foot injuries that plague elephants in captivity but which are rare in the wild. ” Although zoos explicate the idea that they are conservating indanger animals they create other problems. They have such a small enclosure that their lives span is reduced by more than half. People advance to zoos to supposedly learn about animals however they are unaware of the many problems that these enclosures are causing unseen damage to the animals. While they do get to the see majestic animals in the habitats, the enclosures lead to the worst kind of cruelty as it is unseen by the visitors as they only get see the great animals. Although zoos advertise conservation, they invest large sums of money into getting their hands on endanger species to get large crowds in their zoos to get more money.

In conclusion, animals have been used in entertainment for hundreds of years. It is a extremely bad institution that should have been stopped a long time ago. These animals should not be caged and sentenced to a lifetime of slavery, they are extremely complex creatures who are crippled to a small cage. to College students should learn about animal cruelty in order to find the root of the problem in animal-based entertainment and put a stop to it at all levels. College students have a chance to make a significant change and be the generation to make a change. Most of the places that incorporate animals in their acts put them through the incredible cruel task. This cruel and unnecessary use of animals needs to be stopped, other generations have failed to do so. However, college students have a chance to make a lasting change, by being the generation that outrights stop this form of entertainment.


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